7 Tourist Attractions In Osun State for Students

List of Tourist Attractions in Osun State for Students

Yay! We bring to you tourist attractions in Osun state for your consideration, especially if you’re a student.

Are you planning on going on a solo or group trip but you don’t know the perfect place to travel to in Osun state, Nigeria? Osun State has various tourist locations to can visit.

In this article I will tell you everything you need to know about the Great Osun State and its various tourist attractions that can make your trip worthwhile. First let me tell you a little about this beautiful state, Osun State.

About Osun State

Located in southern Nigeria, Osun State is also referred to as the State of Osun by the state administration. It has borders with the states of Ekiti and Ondo to the east, Kwara State to the north, Ogun State to the south, and Oyo State to the west.

Tourist Attractions Osun state

It was founded on August 27, 1991, from the southeastern part of Oyo State, and its capital is the city of Osogbo, which was named after the River Osun, an important river that runs through the state.

Osun, one of Nigeria’s 36 states, has a population of around 4.7 million as of 2016, making it the nineteenth most populated state overall but the ninth smallest in terms of land size.

The majority of the state is covered in the humid Nigerian lowland forests, while the northern region is dominated by the drier forest-savanna mosaic typical of Guinea.

Many historical and cultural landmarks of the Yoruba people are located in the state of Osun, making it a popular vacation destination.

Osun State and Tourism

If you’re a student, studying in any of the universities in Osun state, then you’re in for sight seeing if you consider the various tourist attractions in Osun state.

Located in the state of Osun in southern Nigeria is the eponymous Osun River.

This area has been designated as a historical landmark. Located on the banks of the Osun River, the city is dedicated to Yemoja, the goddess of fertility.

Erin-Ijesha is home to the picturesque Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls. It’s a popular spot for vacationers in the neighborhood of Oriade. The seven-story cliff has a wide variety of amenities.

With the brief information about Osun State, let’s turn our attention to the various tourist attractions in Osun State for Students.

Tourist Attractions In Osun State for Students

If you are traveling to Osun State as a group or as an individual, you need a heads up on the various tourist attractions in Osun State for Students. They are listed below:

1. Nike Art Centre

Nike Art Centre is one of the top tourism attractions in the State of Osun, especially if you’re a students. Training in a wide variety of artistic disciplines, including painting, batik, dancing, study of sculpture, theater, quilting, and more, is provided free of charge to all Nigerians at the Nike Centre for Art and Culture.

Over 3000 formerly impoverished Nigerians have been taught at the center and are now living well thanks to its efforts.

2. Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove

A holy woodland that historically lined the outskirts of most Yoruba communities before widespread urbanization, the Osun-Osogbo Grove dates back centuries.

The Sacred Grove was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 in honor of its cultural importance and worldwide relevance.

The Osun Osogbo forest also has an arts and crafts center where visitors may purchase handmade tye and dye items, paintings, wood sculptures, drums, and more. I highly recommend paying them a visit.

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3. Erin Ijesha Waterfall (Olumirin Waterfalls)

The Olumirin waterfalls, also known as Erin-Ijesha Waterfalls, can be found in this town. Guests may enjoy this landmark when visiting the Oriade LGA in Nigeria’s Osun State. In 1140 A.D., one of Oduduwa’s daughters stumbled across the waterfalls.

Nonetheless, “Olumirin waterfall was found by hunters in 1140 AD,” as reported by The Nation. Akinla, the granddaughter of Oduduwa and the founder of the town of Erin-Ijesha, is said to have stumbled across the location during the migration of the Ife people to Erin-Ijesha.

As one of the tourist attractions in Osun State for Students, Olumirin is the name that Akinla, one of the attraction’s promoters, chose for it, which (oluwa mirin – another god).

Olumirin_falls Erin Ijesha - Tourism locations in osun state

4. Genesis Art Gallery

The Genesis Art Gallery, one of the top tourist attractions in Osun State for Students, can be found at No. 2, Bolarinwa Street, Off Iyana Camp Area, in the Ote Efun neighborhood of Osogbo, Osun state, Nigeria.

Displayed at Genesis Art Gallery are a wide variety of artistic mediums, including pencil drawings, batiks, metal works, mixed-media paintings, and more.

Once again, the exhibition features well constructed furniture including dining sets and seats. They may seem polished, but in reality they are veneered plywood with intricate cuts. in the gallery were seats and tables.

Ikubabayeye, Oba Dr. Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi, Alaafin of Oyo, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, Executive Governor of Osun state, and other dignitaries officially commissioned the construction of the museum’s impressive art collection. The public was let in on April 7, 2018.

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5. Oduduwa Shrine and Grove

One of the must visit tourist attractions in Osun State for Students is the Oduduwa Shrine and Groove. The Yorubas trace their ancestry back to Oduduwa, the first Ooni (King of Ile-Ife).

The groove and webpage are fantastic resources for learning about the past. The area is home to a local chief who is happy to regale guests with tales of the past.

6. Queen Moremi Statue

The “Queen Moremi Monument of Liberty,” at 42 feet, is not only the highest statue in Nigeria, but also the fourth-tallest in all of Africa. It is also ranked among the top tourist attractions in Osun State for Students.

Moremi Ajasoro (Yoruba: Mrem jàor) was a mythical Yoruba queen and folk hero in the Yorubaland area of modern-day southwestern Nigeria.

She is said to have helped free the Yoruba kingdom of Ife from the neighboring Ugbo Kingdom. Moremi wed Oranmiyan, a descendant of Ife’s first monarch, Oduduwa.

In honor of Moremi and the sacrifice she made on behalf of the Yoruba, the Edi Festival was established. Ultimately, love, faith, honor, and sacrifice all play a role in Moremi, the Musical.

7. Vrpark Nigeria

A visit to Vrparkng in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria, is a must. Get ready for the ride of your life! It is located at Parakin Rd, opposite First Foundation School, 930111, Ife, Osun. As one of the top tourist attractions in Osun State for Students, Vrpark Nigeria is a must visit for students.

  • What is Osun State Famous For?

Segilola Gold Mines, the Ife Schist Belt, Iperindo, and the Eastern Ilesha Belt are only a few examples of the state of Osun’s extensive gold reserves.

  • What are the main Types of Tourism Attraction?

The tourist sector makes use of four distinct kinds of attractions. Natural attractions, festivals, historic sites, and man-made tourist hotspots all fall within this category.

  • What things Attract Tourists to a Place?

What tourists want to experience at their destination depends on many factors, including the quality of the local culture, history, architecture, cuisine, public services, natural beauty, nightlife, shopping, and entertainment. These aspects of a location are what draw visitors there and enrich their vacation.

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Tourist Attractions In Osun State (Summary)

Osun State is one of the best places for tourism in Nigeria. The list of the tourist attractions in Osun State for Students is enough to give you a heads up so as to help you prepare for a great experience.


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