10 Tourist Attractions In Lagos State For Students

Top 10 Best Tourist Attractions In Lagos State for Students

Are you a student looking for tourist attractions in Lagos State? In this piece, we’ll share with you lovely tourism destinations you should visit in Lagos, the leading and richest state in Nigeria.

You haven’t seen anything if you’ve traveled to Nigeria and haven’t yet set foot in  Lagos. The Nigerian city of Lagos is the birthplace of a wide variety of exquisite and unique creations. Further, the tourists attractions in Lagos state are largely responsible for Nigeria becoming Africa’s economic powerhouse.

Due to the abundance of worthwhile attractions, many tourists choose to prolong their stay in Nigeria. Such include the Lekki Conservation Centre, the National Museum of Lagos, Red Door Gallery, the Circle Malls, the Upbeat Centre, the beaches, and the festivals.

In addition, Lagos is home to several attractions, both cultural and historical, and offers an abundance of exciting leisure options. After a hard day at the office, many of us like to reward ourselves with some exploration and sightseeing.

Tourist Attractions in Lagos state

We have written about 7 interesting places to visit in Osun state as a student. You should check it out.

This time, make Lagos your vacation spot; it’s the kind of location where you can unwind with your loved ones while exploring the great outdoors and seeing some very special places.

10 Tourist Attractions In Lagos For Students

The following is a comprehensive guide of the best tourist attractions in Lagos State, of the 36 states in Nigeria.

1.The Lekki Conservation Center

This is a fantastic and interesting location. In the state of Lagos, where it occupies 78 ha, it was constructed. The natural wonders of the world will overwhelm you on your incredible vacation to Lekki. As the longest canopy Walk Bridge in Africa, it also has trees that can be climbed.

Roughly 401 meters in length, this canopy wall is impressive. As one of the tourist attractions in Lagos state, the bridge swings, and it’s the coolest thing ever. You may also go on nature hikes, have a picnic, and use the sports facilities at this world-class family park.

2. National Museum

The National Museum in Lagos was founded in 1957 in Onikan, Lagos, before Nigerian independence. This national museum is, in essence, one of the best tourist attractions in Lagos state. The museum’s holdings of traditional art, archaeology, and ethnography are all impressive and worth a look.

In addition, the city is home to some of the world’s finest brass art galleries, several of which are specifically devoted to works by artists from Benin City. As an added bonus, the museum is home to the incredible bullet-riddled automobile of the country’s previous head of state, who was killed in 1976.

The museum also has a modest but serviceable crafts village where you may purchase reasonably priced local artworks including handicrafts and woodcarvings. In addition, this location has some of the most fascinating historical remnants anywhere in the world.

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3. Nike Art Gallery

Third, on our list of tourist attractions in Lagos State is the legendary Oyenike Monica Okundaye launched Nike art Gallery. There’s a one-of-a-kind art gallery, studio, and retreat here. Sculptors, craftspeople, and artists from Nigeria may be found inside refining their trade.

In addition, you’ll like the several floors that are packed to the gills with one of the largest collections of African art or, alternatively, the Nike herself.

If you’re studying art in any of the universities in Lagos state, you should definitely visit the Nike Art Gallery. The fact that you don’t have to shell out any cash to get in makes it one of the best free things to do in Lagos. In addition, there are some attractive products available for purchase.

4. Tarkwa Bay Beach

Another addition to the list of tourists attractions in Lagos State is Tarkwa Bay Beach. This beach is protected by the nearby Lagos Harbor. The town of Tarkwa draws many tourists who like water sports and going for swims.

In addition, it serves as the primary location for hosting visitors to the area. Tarkwa is not as busy as other Lagos beaches, and it is quieter. To have fun and spend time, Tarkwa Bay Beach is deserving of this list of best tourist attractions in Lagos State for students.

You can escape the rush and bustle of Lagos and relax on this beautiful island. Additionally, whether you’re looking to spend some time alone or have a good time with your loved ones, this is the perfect location.

5. National Theatre

The tower is an iconic symbol of Nigerian culture and one of the country’s most impressive architectural achievements.

Tourists may enjoy themselves at the National Theatre’s pleasant, verdant setting while also gaining insight into the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Originally begun in 1976 under the military government of General Yakubu Gowon, this building was ultimately finished during the presidency of General Olusegun Obasanjo.

The National Theatre is a progressive hub for both established and emerging contemporary artists. Both the inside and outside of this house are fascinating.

6. Freedom Park, Lagos

On Lagos Island, you’ll find a monument and recreation park. Formerly, Her Majesty’s jail on Broad Street is now a park. It was built with the specific goal of keeping Nigeria’s history and traditions alive.

One of the tourist attractions in Lagos State, the park’s monument sheds light on the colonial past of Lagos and on Her Majesty’s actual history. However, the park is also home to national monuments, cultural attractions, leisure centers, historic landmarks, and works of art.

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7. New Afrika Shrine

If you’re visiting Lagos, Nigeria, and want to experience the city’s nocturnal scene, I’ve got you covered. The Fela temple will provide you with the best nighttime experience of your life.

The New Afrika Shrine, one of the best tourist attractions in Lagos State, is a great place to learn how to “shake-it,” drink holy palm wine, get an education on politics, and hear uplifting songs about the heroes of the continent’s legends.

tourism destinations in Lagos state - New Africa shrine

In the heart of Ikeja, Lagos, is this lively open-air mall. In addition, this stunning locale is the primary site for the major yearly festival celebration music events.

The new Afrika shrine is one of the greatest places to visit because of the photo galleries it has, which include Seun Kuti and Femi Kuti performing as Fela and other musical acts.

8. The Club Quilox

In Lagos, we turned a nightclub into a paradise for all the clubgoers. Quilox will make you completely clothed, so put on your party shoes.

This is where all the celebs and socialites hang out on Friday nights. Even if you’re just hanging out with pals, you won’t have a dull moment at the Quilox, which has been called “addictive” by previous visitors.

9. Hi-impact Planet

Both young and elderly visitors will have a blast exploring the hi-impact worlds. In this area, you may have fun on a variety of one-of-a-kind amusement rides, games, and other attractions.

The time you spend here will be enjoyable, and the memories you make with your loved ones will last a lifetime. If you’re a student, you can’t go wrong visiting this place. Hence, it is natural to consider it one of the best tourist attractions in Lagos state for students.

In addition, there are three different food courts in the park where you can have some amusing snacks or full-brown international cuisine.

10. Ikeja City Mall

Numerous tourists and locals of Lagos use this shopping center daily. As one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lagos state for students, more than a hundred brand-new shops may be found in this shopping center.

Stylish banks, department shops, jewelers, hair stylists, cafés, restaurants, bars, an ice skating rink, a beauty salon, and many more establishments can be found at Ikeja Mall.

There is plenty of space for cars to park at the mall, and there are also many huge Whole Foods stores within walking distance. This Ikeja mall is home to many silver bird theaters, a ShopRite, and many more wonderful establishments. Amazing things don’t have to break the bank in Ikeja.

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Summary of Tourist Attractions In Lagos

It is an undeniable fact that Lagos is has one of the best tourist destinations in Nigeria, if not the best. The tourist attractions in Lagos state are a joy to behold especially for Nigerian students. So, if your school has made an arrangement for you to embark on a trip to Lagos State, be thankful because the experience will be unforgettable.


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