Full List of Universities In Imo State (Federal, State, and Private)

List of Universities in Imo State - Federal, State, and Private Institutions

How many universities are in Imo State? We bring to you the full list of all universities in Imo State; federal, state, and private universities.

Imo State, which is in Nigeria’s South-East geopolitical zone, is bordered to the north by Anambra State, to the west and south by Rivers State, and to the east by Abia State. Imo State covers 5,530 km2 and was established on February 3, 1976.

The Imo River, the state’s eastern boundary, gave rise to its name. The name of the state is “Eastern Heartland,” and Owerri serves as its capital.

A 2016 estimate placed Imo’s population at over 5.4 million, making it the fourteenth most populated of Nigerian 36 states and capitals. The state is split between the wetter Niger Delta swamp woods in the far east and the drier Cross-Niger transition forests in the remainder of the country.

All universities in Imo State

The Awbana, Imo, Orashi, and Otamiri rivers, as well as the Oguta Lake in western Imo State, are among important geographical features of the state.

How Many Universities Are in Imo State?

In terms of education, Imo State boasts of seven accredited Universities that offer various courses.

  • Federal University of Technology, OwerriImo State University, Owerri (State)
  • Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe University Ogboko, Imo State (State)
  • University of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Umuagwo, Imo State (State )
  • Hezekiah University, Umudi (Private)
  • Maranathan University, Mgbidi, Imo State (Private)
  • Claretian University of Nigeria, Nekede, Imo State (Private)

In this article, I have compiled a full list of universities in Imo state across the federal, state and private level.

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List of Federal Universities in Imo State

Imo state is blessed with at least one Federal University namely Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO). FUTO happens to be one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria.

Let me tell you a little about this prestigious university.

  • Federal University of Technology, Owerri: Owerri West, the state capital of Imo State in Nigeria, is home to the Federal Institution of Technology Owerri (FUTO), a federal government university.

The towns of Eziobodo, Umuchima, Ihiagwa, and Obinze form the four corners of the university’s immediate vicinity. If you’re looking for a good tech school in Nigeria’s South-East or South-South, go no further than this one.

Established in 1980 with the creation and installation of the first provisional council by Nigeria’s first Executive President, Shehu Shagari, the institution has the distinction of being the oldest university of technology in Nigeria.

How much is FUTO school fee?

New students at Federal University of Technology, Owerri may expect to pay 61,340 per year, while returning students can expect to pay 45,340 per year. New students should visit the university’s website to research individual departmental costs.

What is FUTO cut off mark?

For the 2022–2023 school year, the minimum SAT score required to enroll at Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO) is 180.

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List of State Universities in Imo State

There are three prestigious Universities in Imo State that is owned and controlled by the state government;

  • Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe University Ogboko, Imo State: On February 18, 2021, Imo State, Nigeria passed the Kingsley Ozumba (KO) Mbadiwe University (Establishment) Law No. 1, establishing the university as a multi-Campus institution with its main Campus located in the community of Ogboko inside the Ideato South LGA of Imo State, Nigeria.

Is Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe university accredited?

Eleven (11) degree programs at Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe University have been approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC) (KOMU). The University was awarded full marks on all of the given accrediting programs.

Who is the vice chancellor of Ko mbadiwe university?

The Vice Chancellor of Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe University Gives His First Address to the Student Body.

  • Imo State University, Owerri: On October 23, 1981, the Imo State University (IMSU) in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria, welcomed its first intake of 392 pioneer students thanks to legislation No. 4 approved by the Imo State House of Assembly.

The Uturu campus of the institution was renamed Abia State University after the 1991 formation of Abia State.

The Imo State University campus is fully operational. The majority of the university’s courses have been awarded full recognition by Nigeria’s National Universities Commission (NUC).

What is IMSU cut off mark?

At the moment, IMSU has a UTME minimum score requirement of 150. Candidates who selected IMSU as their first preference in the recently completed UTME are being invited to apply for admission to the department of their choice at Imo State University, Owerri.

How much is IMSU school fees now?

Tuition at Imo State University, Owerri is now between $150,000 and $180,000 every academic year, depending on whether you are a new or continuing student. New students should visit the university’s website to research individual departmental costs. In addition to making a purchase, payments would be done via the website.

  • University of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Umuagwo, Imo State: Umuagwo, in the state of Imo, is home to the University of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (UAES), a top-tier educational institution in Nigeria that has earned acclaim on the global stage.

Nigeria’s National Universities Commission (NUC) has granted accreditation to and/or recognition of the University of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (UAES).

Law No. 4 of the Imo State Parliament created the University of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (UAES) Umuagwo as a public institution of higher education.

The government of Imo State recognized an urgent need for more reputable tertiary Institutions to meet the demands of the many young people in Imo State and throughout South Eastern Nigeria for access to a high-quality university education, and so they set about creating this university to meet those needs.

students of imo state university

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List of Private Universities in Imo State

There are three private universities in Imo State. This segment talks about the three private universities in the state.

Wait, does any of these universities make it to the list of the top 20 cheapest private universities in Nigeria? You should check it out.

  • Maranathan University, Mgbidi, Imo State: Maranathan University, Mgbidi, Imo State is a privately owned university that was founded in 2021 and commissioned by the National Universities Commission.

Is Maranatha accredited?

According to the National Universities Commission (NUC), Nigeria, Maranatha University meets all of the necessary criteria for accreditation. Do you need a list of the courses offered at Maranatha University?

Who owns Maranatha Mgbidi?

Rev. Emeka Ngubo, is the university’s owner and founder, from a few surviving families in the Alienyi-Mgbidi Community.

  • Hezekiah University, Umudi: The Nigerian federal council has recognized Hezekiah University as a legitimate private institution of higher education. Specifically, it is in Umudi, Nkwerre Imo State, Nigeria.

In May 2015, the Federal Government of Nigeria approved Hezekiah Institution’s application to become a private university.

Who is the owner of Hezekiah university?

Hezekiah “Prof. Daddy” Daddy, MFR, Founder and President of the Living Christ Mission, Inc.

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How much is the school fees of Hezekiah university?

The general tuition of Hezekiah University, Umudi is N200, 000.

  • Claretian University of Nigeria, Nekede, Imo State: A private institution of higher education, Claretian University of Nigeria (CUN) may be found in Nekede, Imo State, Nigeria. Priests, brothers, and seminarians from all over the world make up the Claretians (Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary), a Roman Catholic religious order.

How much is Claretian school fees?

All incoming freshmen are eligible for a tuition discount of 20% for the next school year. Right now, the cost to enroll in a scientific program is N300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand Naira), while the cost to study the arts is N250,000 (Two Hundred and fifty Thousand Naira).

Does Claretian University offer nursing?

Yes. Claretian University of Nigeria, Nekede, Imo State offers Bachelor of Nursing Sciences for students whose desire is to study nursing.

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Universities In Imo State (Summary)

Are you still dubious about the standard of education offered by Imo State’s universities? Your decision regarding whether to enroll in a federal, state, or private university should be guided by the list of universities in Imo state that is shown above.

You should have faith in these universities since, as was mentioned at the outset, Imo State is a respected, tranquil state that values education.

This article has also been able to cover the most important the various universities in the federal, state and private level.

Are you studying in any of the universities in Imo State? Let’s have your opinion about your institution of choice.

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