IAUE Notice on Hostel Allocation

IAUE hostel allocation

This is to inform you that with effect from January 4, 2022, all hostel allocations to students will be done fully online in the university portal and the following procedures should be duly followed:

1. Students should book online to indicate their interest that they need to be accommodated In the hostels.

IAUE hostell allocation

2. Those who have booked and whose names have been shortlisted should go online and pay their hostel fees.

3. Those who have paid their hostel fees and have not booked should go on-line and book

4. Those students who have been allocated hostel online, should begin and print allocation slip and take to the porters/portresses for clearance

5. The final stage of this process before accessing the facilities is to be cleared by porters/Portresses to be allowed entry into their spaces)

6. All students are advised to comply strict with all rules and regulations as stated in the rules and regulations handbook


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