15 Best Free Online Courses in South Africa With Certificates 2023

Top 15 Best Free Online Courses In South Africa With Certificates

Discover free online courses in South Africa with certificates, that are available to students worldwide. These courses are cost-free for auditing, and participants can choose to receive a verified certificate for a minimal fee upon completion.

Online education vi the best online learning platforms has extended its reach to African countries, showcasing its effectiveness in imparting knowledge. It’s a valuable innovation in the education sector. Incorporating technology into teaching led to online learning, benefiting people’s careers by offering new skills and opening doors to opportunities.

Gaining skills online enhances your value, potentially leading to promotions and higher earnings. Free online courses in South Africa offer accessible education, eliminating the need to attend expensive universities physically. They’re flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Completing these courses earns a certificate, boosting employability and recognition among colleagues and employers. These courses only require a stable internet connection, a device like a PC or a smartphone, and a small fee for the certificate.

Remember, these courses welcome participants worldwide, not just in South Africa. Let’s look at the 15 best free online courses in South Africa with Certificates. 

Best Free Online Courses in South Africa with Certificates

This article lists free online courses in South Africa that can help you decide. Check out the procedures below for details and application links.

1. Extinctions: Past and Present

free online courses in south africa with certificates - Extinctions - past and present

Offered by the University of Cape Town on FutureLearn, this free online biology course examines past extinctions’ impact on shaping the present world. The course lasts five weeks, covering five mass extinction events that Earth has undergone, including the sixth extinction. Each week focuses on a different extinction event, requiring 3 hours of effort per week. A certificate of completion is awarded at the course’s end. No doubt, it is one of the best free online courses in south Africa with certificates.

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2. Understanding Clinical Research: Behind the Statistics

The University of Cape Town in South Africa offers a top healthcare-related free online course on Coursera, taught by Dr. Juan H. Klopper. Aimed at clinical practitioners, medical students, and those involved in general research, the course helps participants interpret common statistical concepts without complex mathematical formulas. 

This is particularly valuable in the medical sector, enhancing research skills and understanding of statistical analysis. A verified certificate can be obtained for a small fee upon completion. The course is self-paced, spanning six weeks, and requiring around 28 hours to finish.

3. Systems Dynamics for Health Science

Geared towards medical professionals and related disciplines, this online course delves into system dynamics principles and tools for solving health-related problems. 

Learn to apply system dynamics methodology and software to medical challenges. The course is self-paced over several weeks, demanding 2-4 hours of weekly effort—completion rewards participants with a verified certificate, available for $139.

4. Activism and Citizen Journalism through Media

Next on the list of the best free online courses in South Africa with certificates ‘Activism and Citizen Journalism Through Media’. Harness the power of media as an activist through this free online course. Learn ethical and secure media practices, and discover strategies to communicate your social cause effectively. 

This course spans approximately four weeks and requires 2 to 3 hours per week. You receive a certificate of accomplishment upon completion, making it a valuable addition to your activist toolkit.

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5. What is a Mind?

free online courses in south africa with certificates - What is Mind

The University of Cape Town, South Africa, presents a free online course on FutureLearn, led by Professor Mark Solms, a renowned expert in Neuropsychology. This engaging course delves into the scientific and philosophical aspects of the human mind. 

It’s suitable for learners in the field of study and anyone intrigued by understanding the human mind. Topics covered include consciousness, subjectivity, agency, intentionality, and the unconscious. The course takes six weeks to complete, with a weekly commitment of 3 hours. After finishing, you can earn a certificate for $49.

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6. Theory of Change for Development

The University of Witwatersrand offers one of the top notch free online courses in South Africa with certificates on eDx platform in South Africa. The EDX platforms also offers one of the best business analytics programs. This course equips learners with the Theory of Change (ToC) approach, teaching effective problem-solving techniques. 

You’ll grasp the fundamentals of ToC learn tools, techniques, principles, and how to create your theories of change. This skill is valuable for organizations, showcasing your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The 7-week course, requiring 3-4 hours per week, concludes with a certificate.

7. What do Architects and Urban Planners do?

The course is a question right? If you’re curious about the roles of architects and urban planners, The University of Witwatersrand provides a free online course on edX in South Africa. Gain verified insights into spatial design professionals’ responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities. The course spans three weeks, with a commitment of 2-to 3 hours weekly, and offers a certificate of completion.

8. Research Methods: An Engineering Approach

Designed for graduate students pursuing engineering projects at the master’s and doctoral levels, this free online course in South Africa enhances engineering research capabilities. 

Covering various research methods and approaches, the course imparts tools for creative research and the design of research processes. The self-paced course, spanning eight weeks with a weekly commitment of 2-to 3 hours, provides a certificate upon completion.

9. Introduction to Stewart’s Model of Physiology Acid-Base Chemistry

Designed for ICU nurses, physicians, and those in acute care, this free online course by the University of Witwatersrand via edX introduces Peter Stewart’s model of clinical acid-base chemistry. 

A vital aspect of medical education, this model aids patient management within acute care settings. Covering essential concepts in solution and acid-base chemistry, the course is self-paced and spans five weeks. A commitment of 3-4 hours per week leads to a certificate upon completion.

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10. Academic Writing for Clarity and Meaning

free online courses with certification in south africa - academic writing for clarity and meaning

Enhance your writing and critical thinking skills with this course, suitable for researchers, writers, and anyone seeking improved academic writing. Offered by the University of Witwatersrand on edX, this is one of the popular free online courses in South Africa with certificates and it spans two weeks. 

With a commitment of 2-3 hours per week, you’ll benefit from your research projects and enhance personal academic writing. Upon completion, you receive a certificate that can be added to your CV or Resume.

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11. Becoming a Change-maker: Introduction to Social Innovation

One of the leading free online courses in South Africa, provided by the University of Cape Town on Coursera, focuses on creating positive social impacts within your community.

Over six weeks, investing 3-5 hours per week, you’ll address and tackle social issues, enhancing critical thinking skills. Upon completion, a certificate can be obtained for a small fee, as evidence of your newfound knowledge and expertise.

12. Julia Scientific Programming

Julia, a dynamic programming language tailored for scientific computing, holds value beyond science-related disciplines. This free online course introduces you to Julia’s capabilities, teaching you how to use them for scientific and general purposes. 

You’ll gain proficiency over four weeks, dedicating 4-5 hours weekly at your own pace. Upon completion, a certificate is available for purchase, showcasing your skill with Julia. 

13. Postgraduate Academic Literacy for Management and Business Students

This online course aids in engaging with academic sources and initiating academic research. Completing an undergraduate degree is recommended before enrolling. Learn to identify resources that support postgraduate research, critique scholarly articles professionally, and more. 

Designed for graduate students, and provided by a South African academic institute, the course offers a paid certificate as proof of completion, suitable for your CV or Resume.

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14. Digital Transformation and the IT Team

Explore the dynamic world of digital transformation through this highly relevant free online course in South Africa. Delve into models and techniques predicting digital transformation and understand its impact on IT and CIO teams. A valuable skill for those in IT and digital technology fields, this course offers career advancement opportunities. 

This is one of the top free online courses in South Africa with certificates, that is self-paced, in a duration of 5-weeks, requiring 2-3 hours per week. This certification could enhance your value as a sought-after employee in any organization.

15. Result-based Project Management: Monitoring and Evaluation

free online accredited courses in south africa

Effective decision-making is a prized managerial skill top organizations seek. This South African free online course equips you with the tools to design decisions using results-based approaches. 

Learn to implement and manage diverse programs using performance indicators and Result Chain theory to gauge progress. Spanning eight weeks and requiring 3-to 4 hours per week, the course offers a certificate upon completion for a nominal fee.

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FAQs About Free Accredited Online Courses with certificates 

Are online courses Recognised in South Africa?

You can pursue internationally recognized qualifications from accredited institutions through online learning. MANCOSA offers a variety of higher certificates, diplomas, and degree programs in an online learning environment.

What is the No One Online School in South Africa?

UNISA holds the distinction of being Africa’s largest distance-learning institution. It offers an extensive array of courses spanning various disciplines. UNISA is known for its wide range of programs, covering everything from short systems to doctoral degrees.

Which university in South Africa has free online courses?

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) and the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) provide free online courses. UJ offers fully online courses accessible to the public. WITS offers courses on the edX platform. While the classes are free, participants can purchase certificates of completion for validation.

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Free Online Courses in south Africa (Summary) 

The online education landscape in South Africa is vibrant and ever-evolving, offering diverse courses catering to various interests and professional aspirations. 

From enhancing academic writing skills to delving into cutting-edge digital transformations, these top 15 online courses from prestigious institutions provide valuable skills development, knowledge acquisition, and career advancement opportunities. 

Whether honing critical thinking abilities, exploring innovative social change, or mastering scientific programming, these courses empower learners to shape their futures and contribute to the growth of their respective fields. 

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