Top 10 Best Primary Schools In Johannesburg


As a parent, you’re always on the hunt for quality schools for your kids, right? In this post, we’ve put together the top 10 best primary schools in Johannesburg, South Africa, this 2023. As you’ve come to know, we dive into the educational landscape of Johannesburg and highlight some of the top primary schools in the area. Whether you’re a parent looking for the perfect school for your little one or simply curious about the educational options in the city, we’ve got you covered.

Johannesburg, known as the economic powerhouse of South Africa, boasts a wide array of primary schools that prioritize academic excellence and holistic development. These schools aim to provide a nurturing environment where children can thrive both academically and personally. Johannesburg also boast of some of the best high schools in South Africa.

With Johannesburg being a multicultural and diverse city, many schools in the area embrace inclusivity, offering a rich cultural experience for students.

When it comes to choosing the best primary school for your child, factors such as academic reputation, extracurricular activities, facilities, and teaching methodologies all play a crucial role. Luckily, Johannesburg offers a variety of schools that cater to different preferences and educational philosophies. 

best primary schools in Johannesburg

From traditional institutions with a strong focus on academic rigor to progressive schools that emphasize hands-on learning, you’re sure to find a school that aligns with your values and your child’s needs.

In the upcoming sections, we’ll take a closer look at some of the standout primary schools in Johannesburg. We’ll explore their unique offerings, academic achievements, and overall reputation within the community. 

So, get ready to embark on a journey through the best primary schools in Johannesburg, where quality education and a nurturing environment come together to shape the minds of our future leaders.

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The Outlook of Education In South Africa

The general idea of some key trends and challenges based on the educational landscape in South Africa are as follows:

  • Access to Education: South Africa has made significant strides in providing access to primary education, with nearly universal enrollment. This trend was likely to continue.
  • Quality of Education: Despite improvements in access, the quality of education was a major concern. There were disparities in learning outcomes, especially between rural and urban areas, such as Johannesburg. Efforts were being made to enhance the quality of education, focusing on teacher training, improving school infrastructure, and providing adequate learning resources.
  • Digital Education: With the global trend towards digital learning, South Africa has been making efforts to incorporate technology in education. Johannesburg, being a major city, was likely to see increased use of digital tools in education.
  • Curriculum Development: There were ongoing efforts to refine the curriculum to make it more relevant and responsive to the needs of the modern world. This included focus areas like critical thinking, problem-solving, and soft skills.
  • Language Diversity: South Africa is a country with 11 official languages, and language diversity was a critical aspect of the education system. Efforts were being made to improve literacy outcomes and to support learning in students’ home languages, as well as in English and Afrikaans.
  • Impact of COVID-19: The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on education worldwide, with closures leading to disruptions in learning. How South Africa, and Johannesburg in particular, managed this crisis, would likely have a lasting impact on the primary education system.

10 Best Primary Schools in Johannesburg

Here are our top picks for some of the reputable primary schools in Johannesburg 

1. Rosebank Primary School

 Best primary schools in Johannesburg - Rosebank Primary School
  • Location: 13 Jellicoe Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa

Rosebank Primary School is a highly regarded educational institution located in the vibrant city of Johannesburg. Established in 1906, it holds a rich history of providing quality education to generations of students. The school is situated in the picturesque suburb of Rosebank, known for its tree-lined streets and a welcoming community.

Rosebank Primary School prides itself on offering a well-rounded education that focuses on academic excellence, character development, and the holistic growth of its students. The dedicated team of educators strives to create a nurturing environment where each child feels valued, supported, and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Academically, Rosebank Primary School maintains high standards and offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers a range of subjects. The school embraces innovative teaching methods and utilizes modern technology to enhance the learning experience. Small class sizes allow for personalized attention, ensuring that students receive the support they need to succeed academically.

Beyond academics, the school places a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities and the development of students’ talents and interests. They offer a diverse range of clubs, sports teams, and cultural activities to cater to the varied passions of their students. 

With its strong academic foundation, supportive learning environment, and focus on character development, the school continues to be a top choice for families seeking quality education in Johannesburg.

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  • How do I contact Rosebank school?

You can contact Rosebank Primary school through the following contact details:


Tel:  09 828 6319

  • How much is school fees at Rosebank Primary School?

School fees for 2022 as determined at the AGM is R20 000.

2. Melpark Primary School

  • Location: 63 2nd Ave, Melville, Johannesburg, 2109, South Africa 
  • Contact Details: Tel:+27 11 726 4323

Melpark Primary School, located in Johannesburg, is renowned as one of the best public schools in the city. With a comprehensive education program catering to students from grades R through 7, Melpark offers a superior learning environment that fosters academic excellence and personal growth.

At Melpark Primary School, the primary language of instruction is English, ensuring that students develop strong language skills from an early age. The school also recognizes the importance of multilingualism and provides Afrikaans as the first additional language, enabling students to become proficient in both languages.

What sets Melpark Primary School apart is its commitment to providing a holistic education. The school places equal emphasis on academic achievement, character development, and extracurricular activities. Students benefit from a well-rounded curriculum that incorporates subjects like mathematics, science, social studies, arts, and physical education

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3. Bryanston Primary School

  • Location: 13 Mount St, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191, South Africa

Bryanston Primary School (BPS), established in 1954, stands as one of the most exceptional English-medium public primary schools in Johannesburg, South Africa. With a rich history spanning decades, BPS has consistently demonstrated its commitment to providing a top-tier education to students in Grades 0 to 7.

Renowned for its academic excellence, Bryanston Primary School offers a diverse and comprehensive curriculum that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. The school’s dedicated faculty employs innovative teaching methods and ensures individual attention to each student, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Bryanston Primary School’s commitment to cultural enrichment is evident through its vibrant arts program. Students engage in activities such as drama, music, and visual arts, fostering creativity and self-expression. The school frequently organizes cultural events, exhibitions, and performances, showcasing the exceptional talent and diverse cultural heritage of its students.

The school’s conducive learning environment is further enhanced by its state-of-the-art facilities and resources. BPS continually invests in technology, providing students with access to cutting-edge educational tools and fostering digital literacy skills that are crucial in today’s world.

Bryanston Primary School’s dedication to academic excellence, holistic development, and the well-being of its students makes it a standout institution in Johannesburg. With its unwavering commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals, BPS continues to shape the leaders and achievers of tomorrow.

  • How Do I Contact Bryanston School?

For enquiries contact Bryanston Primary School through the following channels:

  • Email:
  • Tel: +27 11 706 1263

4. Saxonwold Primary School

  • Location: 13 Aldswold Rd, Randburg, 2132, South Africa

Nestled near Oxford Road in Johannesburg, Saxonwold Primary School shines as a leading public, co-educational institution renowned for providing exceptional primary education. With a focus on cultivating young minds from kindergarten to grade seven, Saxonwold Primary School stands out as one of the best in Johannesburg.

At Saxonwold Primary School, academic excellence is a cornerstone of the educational experience. The school offers a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum that encompasses a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, sciences, languages, social studies, and the arts. Highly qualified teachers guide students through engaging lessons, fostering a love for learning and intellectual growth.

A distinguishing feature of Saxonwold Primary School is its commitment to individualized attention and personalized learning. Recognizing that each child has unique strengths and needs, the school strives to create a nurturing environment that supports every student’s academic and personal development. Small class sizes and a supportive faculty enable educators to cater to the specific requirements of each learner, ensuring their success.

Saxonwold Primary School takes pride in its modern facilities and resources, creating an optimal learning environment for students. The school is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, libraries, science labs, and sports facilities, enhancing the overall educational experience and encouraging hands-on learning.

  • How do I contact Saxonwold Primary School 

For enquiries contact Saxonwold through the following contact details:

  • Email:
  • Tel: 011 646 5510 

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5. Parkview Senior Primary School

Best primary schools in Johannesburg - Parkview senior primary
  • Location:Greenside East, Randburg, 2193, South Africa
  • Contact Details: Tel: +27 11 646 1007

Recognized as one of Johannesburg’s premier primary schools, Parkview Senior Primary School stands as a testament to educational excellence. Since its humble beginnings in 1917, when it had just 19 students and a lone teacher, Parkview Senior has flourished into a renowned institution that now accommodates over 600 students.

Catering to students in grades four through seven, Parkview Senior Primary School provides a superior educational experience that sets the foundation for academic success and personal growth. 

The school’s dedicated faculty is committed to nurturing each student’s potential, employing innovative teaching methods and fostering a love for learning. With a focus on holistic development, Parkview Senior Primary School instills essential life skills, promotes critical thinking, and encourages a growth mindset.

Parkview Senior Primary School prides itself on creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where each student feels valued and supported. The school promotes a sense of community and fosters strong relationships between students, teachers, and parents. Open communication channels and collaboration. 

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6. Sandhurst Pre- and Preparatory College

  • Location: 81 Olympia Ave, Parkmore, Sandton, 2196, South Africa
  • Email:
  • Tel:011 784 0452, 082 222 6321

Sandhurst Pre- and Preparatory College emerges as a leading co-educational primary school dedicated to providing an exceptional educational experience. Building upon the esteemed reputation of its predecessor, Stepping Stones Preschool, the school takes immense pride in upholding and surpassing high standards and traditions while delivering a world-class education to its learners.

Sandhurst Pre- and Preparatory College is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and holistic development. The school’s highly qualified and passionate educators employ innovative teaching methodologies, ensuring that each student receives a well-rounded education that prepares them for success. 

With a focus on critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity, learners are equipped with the skills needed to thrive in the ever-evolving world. At Sandhurst, the pursuit of excellence extends beyond academics. 

Sandhurst Pre- and Preparatory College prides itself on providing a safe and nurturing environment where students can flourish. The school fosters a strong sense of community, emphasizing collaboration and respect among students, teachers, and parents. 

The commitment to educational excellence is further reflected in Sandhurst’s state-of-the-art facilities and resources. The school provides modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, libraries, and sports facilities, creating an optimal learning environment that inspires curiosity and engagement.

Sandhurst Pre- and Preparatory College remains at the forefront of providing learners with a top-quality education, empowering them to become confident, well-rounded individuals ready to make a positive impact on the world.

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7. Blairgowrie Primary School

  • Location: Gavin Ave, Blairgowrie, Johannesburg, 2194, South Africa
  • Tel:+27 11 782 5406

Blairgowrie Primary School stands as an exemplary co-educational institution renowned for its multicultural environment. Since its establishment in 1959, the school has continuously evolved and grown, currently catering to over 856 students from grades R through 7.

Blairgowrie Primary School’s commitment to excellence is evident in its unwavering dedication to providing a superior educational experience. With a diverse and inclusive community, the school celebrates the richness of different cultures, fostering an environment that promotes understanding, respect, and global citizenship.

Academic excellence lies at the core of Blairgowrie Primary School’s mission. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with international standards and embraces innovative teaching practices. 

Highly qualified educators engage students in stimulating lessons, nurturing their intellectual curiosity and critical thinking skills. By fostering a love for learning and empowering students to reach their full potential, Blairgowrie equips its learners with a solid foundation for lifelong success.

As one of the best  primary schools in Johannesburg, Blairgowrie Primary School continues to set the benchmark for excellence in education. Its multicultural environment, commitment to academic rigor, holistic development, and supportive community make it a top choice for families seeking a well-rounded education for their children. 

  • How Much is Blairgowrie Primary School Fees?

For enrolment a first fee payment of R4200 per child is required upon acceptance of your child at Blairgowrie Primary School.

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8. Parkhurst Primary School

  • Tel: +27 11 880 3800

Situated in the charming suburb of Parkhurst in Johannesburg, Parkhurst Primary School shines as an exceptional public, co-educational institution dedicated to providing an outstanding primary education. Established in 1952 with a modest enrollment of 139 students, the school has since flourished into a thriving educational haven, accommodating a diverse and vibrant student body spanning from Grade 1 to Grade 7.

Parkhurst Primary School has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the best primary schools in Johannesburg. It stands as a beacon of educational excellence, committed to nurturing young minds and fostering a love for learning. The school boasts a team of highly skilled and passionate educators who go above and beyond to create a stimulating and supportive learning environment.

Academic achievement is at the heart of Parkhurst Primary School’s mission. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum that meets the highest standards of education, encompassing a wide range of subjects and providing students with a strong foundation for future success. 

With innovative teaching methodologies and personalized attention, students are empowered to reach their full potential and develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.

  • How much is school fees at Parkhurst Primary School?

The amount per learner per year for Grade R – 7 + LSEN learners is R11 990.00.

9. Littlehill Montessori

  • Location: Launceston Road, Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 2GZ
  • Tel:01162 811 963

In the bustling city of Johannesburg, Littlehill Montessori stands as a leading co-educational public primary school committed to providing an exceptional educational experience. Established in 2005, the school was founded with a clear vision: to create a warm and nurturing environment where children can thrive, grow, and learn.

Littlehill Montessori takes immense pride in its reputation as one of Johannesburg’s finest primary schools. Its dedication to delivering excellence in education sets it apart from the rest. The school adheres to the renowned Montessori approach, which emphasizes personalized learning, independence, and holistic development.

At Littlehill Montessori, children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years are welcomed into a supportive and enriching learning environment. The school’s experienced educators are trained in the Montessori philosophy and are passionate about guiding each child’s individual journey. They provide a wide range of engaging and hands-on learning experiences that foster curiosity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love for learning.

10. Bedfordview Primary School

Best primary schools in johannesburg - Bedfordview primary
  • Location:1 School Rd, Bedfordview, Germiston, 2007, South Africa
  • Email:
  • Tel:+27 11 455 4700

Embracing a legacy of educational excellence, Bedfordview Primary School emerges as a leading co-educational English-medium institution in the vibrant city of Johannesburg. With a firm commitment to providing a high standard of education and discipline, the school continually strives for excellence in all aspects of its academic and holistic programs.

Bedfordview Primary School stands proud as one of Johannesburg’s premier primary schools, revered for its unwavering dedication to cultivating the potential of every student. With a current enrollment of over 900 students, the school creates a vibrant and inclusive learning environment where each child can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

At the core of Bedfordview Primary School’s philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to academic rigor and holistic development. The school’s passionate educators are dedicated to fostering a love for learning, empowering students to think critically, solve problems creatively, and embrace lifelong learning. Through innovative teaching methodologies and a comprehensive curriculum, Bedfordview equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in a dynamic world.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Primary Schools In Johannesburg

The following questions are one of the most asked questions about the top primary schools in Johannesburg, South Africa

What is the most popular primary school in South Africa?

Linden Park Primary School is one of the most popular primary/elementary school in South Africa.

  • Street address: 14 Hay Road, Linden Park SA 5065
  • Postal address: 14 Hay Road, Linden Park SA 5065
  • Website:
  • Phone: (08) 8379 2171
  • Fax: (08) 8338 2507

How Much Does Primary School Cost in South Africa?

In South Africa, a public primary school costs  R24,408 for a year. Public high schools cost R36,072 annually. On the other hand, private primary schools come with a higher price tag, averaging at about R71,496 per year, while private high schools can set you back around R105,084 annually.

What is Primary School Called in South Africa?

Kindergarten is referred to as grade 0 in South Africa. After grade 0, primary schools are generally divided into two categories: junior preparatory schools (grades 0-3) and senior preparatory schools (grades 4-7). Following primary school, children proceed to high school, which is also known as college, starting from grade 8 and continuing until grade 12.

Best Primary Schools in Johannesburg (Summary) 

Johannesburg boasts a vibrant educational landscape with an array of exceptional primary schools that set the stage for a bright future. From fostering a nurturing environment to promoting academic excellence, these schools stand out as pillars of learning and personal growth. 

With dedicated teachers, innovative curricula, and a focus on holistic development, these institutions pave the way for young minds to flourish and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Choosing the best primary school in Johannesburg means investing in a child’s education and unlocking their full potential. So, let us celebrate these educational gems that shape young lives and ignite a passion for lifelong learning in every child fortunate enough to walk through their doors.



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