Top 10 Best Online Ground Schools & Courses

Top 10 Best best online ground schools and courses

Which are are the top 10 best online ground schools & courses you should consider?

The era of online education has arrived. There is a lot of learning you can do between flight lessons at the airport, even though you can’t (yet) take flight lessons from the comfort of your home.

Utilizing tools and apps that enable learning anywhere, anytime, online ground schools enable pilots to complete all required reading on their schedules. 

However, only some online ground schools are made equal. Numerous short test preparation courses are available to help you pass the FAA multiple choice exam, but they won’t necessarily aid in your flight training. 

The best courses go above and beyond, even though passing the written is crucial. They provide the fundamental information you need to maximize your flight training. In the spirit of talking about online learning, we’ve written about the top 10 best pharmacist online schools. You should check it out.

best online ground schools

What is Online Ground School?

Aerodynamics, map-making, photography, and other useful subjects for aviators are taught at Online Ground School. The best training resource for the FAA knowledge test is the Online Ground School.

To improve your understanding of aeronautical topics, you can use several online Ground School resources, whether registering for a formal ground program or taking a home-study course. You can access a top-notch online ground school at, one of these resources.

What is the difference Between Ground School and Flight School?

The two components of your pilot training are online ground school and flight school.

At ground school, you study a wide range of aviation-related subjects, including the theory of how airplanes fly, the weather, and many others. The purpose of ground school is to help you pass the knowledge test.

On the other hand, flight school is where you take hands-on lessons to learn how to fly an aircraft. Once the flight school is over, you will be prepared to take your practice test with an examiner.

All pilot licenses require passing knowledge and practical exams, except the student pilot certificate. The only way to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become a pilot is through thorough ground and flight training.

The ground school curriculum varies greatly between flight schools. Why? Because there are two types of pilot schools: Part 61 and Part 141. The Federal Aviation Regulations, or FARs, are those sections. Schools may operate under either part, according to the FAA.

The FAA requires Part 141 schools to offer an approved ground training course that satisfies the FAA’s minimal curriculum requirements. On the other hand, the FAA doesn’t impose any such requirements on Part 61 schools. You must either complete a home-study course (like the one provided by Pilot Institute) or obtain and log ground instruction from an approved instructor before you can apply for a pilot certificate.

To fly an airplane safely, you must acquire minimum aeronautical knowledge. Separate parts of your pilot training, however, necessitate different ground training. Different ground training is required for different periods of your pilot training.

Top 10 Best Online Ground Schools

Below is our pick of the the best online ground schools and courses.

1. Rod Machado’s eLearning for private pilots

Best online ground schools - Rod Machado's eLearning for private pilots

This interactive, highly animated online course is one of the most comprehensive private pilot ground training programs available. 40 hours of highly instructive, enjoyable, and engaging aviation ground training are provided by its 26 courses. The amount of groundwork this course covers is equivalent to that of a typical single-semester collegiate aviation ground school.

After each course, more than 1,200 FAA-style knowledge questions help you review what you’ve learned.

Did I mention that taking this course is entertaining and interesting? I did, but I want you to take advantage of this chance. There’s no need to read boring, stale study material when you can learn in a fun, engaging way.

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2. Part 1 FAA Private Pilot Ground School (Part 61)

This is next on the list of best online ground schools and courses. You must complete the Online Ground Course series to pass the FAA Private Pilot Aeroplane (PAR) Knowledge Test and obtain a Private Pilot license or certificate. This information wasn’t just meant to be a summary; it was meant to be comprehensive.

It will thoroughly cover each knowledge area and offer clarifications so that you can not only ace the test but also develop into a competent pilot. Anyone who learns the question bank by heart can ace the exam, but this course is about something else.

3. Private Pilot Ground School

You can study at your own pace with the help of the Ground School Course for Private & Recreational Pilots to pass the FAA knowledge exams. You can take this course at your own pace. The course ensures you are proficient in all the knowledge required to be a safe and competent pilot and easily pass your knowledge test.

Who this course is for: 

Student Pilots looking to earn their Private Pilots License. 

This course includes: 

  • 10.5 hours of on-demand video 
  • 3 articles 
  • 4 downloadable resources 
  • Full lifetime access 
  • Access on mobile and TV 
  • Certificate of completion

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4. FAA Private Pilot Ground School

Coming next, on our list of the top 10 best online ground schooos is the FAA private pilot ground. With a Written knowledge test, as they prepare for the FAA Oral Exam, students will also be well-versed in the knowledge and abilities needed to become safe and competent pilots. No prerequisites are necessary for this course.

This course includes: 

  • 26 hours of on-demand video 
  • 116 downloadable resources 
  • Full lifetime access 
  • Access on mobile and TV 
  • Certificate of completion

5. King Schools Online Course

best online ground schools - King Schools Online Course

Your entire, up-to-date King Schools Private Pilot Ground School & Test Prep Course will help you master all the subject areas you need to be familiar with to pass your FAA Private Pilot Written Test and develop into a safe and knowledgeable pilot. This package of courses is designed to be taken wherever you need to study.

The KING Private Pilot Ground School & Test Prep Course combines up-to-date ground training with test preparation. NG thoroughly covers the subject areas in an entertaining and simple-to-understand manner with quick, interactive lessons. Respond to the Private Pilot Test Questions formatted for the FAA that follow each training module to reinforce your learning.

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6. Sporty’s Private Pilot Learn to Fly

For accurate comprehension, Sporty created video resources for beginning pilots that combined video records of flights with animation. Sporty offers inside-the-plane lessons to help new pilots understand concepts practically.

After purchasing the course, you can obtain the system in several formats. Student pilots can access smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and desktop computers for research.

You only need to make one payment to access all platforms. The database for exam preparation is what distinguishes this course. Each of the 1000 practice questions in Sporty’s comes with a thorough explanation in plain English.

7. Gleim Online Ground School

To pass the FAA knowledge tests, you can study independently with the Gleim Online Ground School – Private Pilot. You can take this course at your own pace. Throughout the course, our cutting-edge Knowledge Transfer Systems will ensure you comprehend all of the material you’ll need to be an expert, safe pilot and pass your knowledge test with ease.

With a brand-new user interface (UI), the new Gleim Online Ground School course makes switching between course sections, including study materials, tests, and other resources, simpler than ever. We’ve created brand-new study aids and added hundreds more images, diagrams, and instructional videos to help you comprehend and remember aviation concepts.

This design ensures you have access to various study tools to improve your focus and make studying fun and interesting. A collection of FAA study materials has also been added for additional reading outside of the required course material.

8. ASA PPL Ground School

This online course combines the knowledge and experience of ASA’s industry-leading eBooks and test preparation resources with expert video production and the newest teaching aids to provide a thorough and convenient aviation ground school program.

With ASA’s tried-and-true content, you’ll learn the aeronautical knowledge you need to become a safe and competent pilot. The company makes it simple to integrate this affordable on-demand option into any Part 61 or 141 instructor-led ground school, and it is effective for self-study. The extensive program, approved for FAA Wings credits, consists of professional multi-media presentations from aviation training experts and lessons with internet-based evaluation, resources, and course tracking.

Use any internet-connected device for the most flexibility to finish the Private Pilot Online Ground School. The course will remember where you left off whether you log in using a desktop, laptop, netbook, smartphone, iPad, or another tablet computer. After finishing the course and practice exams, you will receive your Endorsement letter and Graduation Certificate. You will have access to all lesson materials for the following 24 months (after the course registration date), so you can review them even after the course is over for a refresher.

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9. Premium Ground School

Members can access this course by purchasing a one-time activation code. You will always have access to the course. You won’t have to complete the Course in order or wait for the lesson timer to reset to move on to the next one. Instead, you can skip around the Course at your leisure.

This course will prepare you for your flight training in a real plane with your flight instructor and cover the fundamental knowledge a private pilot needs to pass the Private Pilot Aeroplane written exam.

Premium Features: 

  • 20+ More videos than the Free Course 
  • Get your Endorsement to Take the Written 
  • Access to Tech Support 
  • Extra topics inside many of the lessons. 
  • Compatible for both Sports and Private Pilots 
  • Includes both the Private Pilot Ground School and Write

10. Learning To Fly an Airplane

best online ground schools and courses - Learning To Fly an Airplane

This course will teach you how to fly an airplane using the same techniques taught in flight schools, where every pilot starts their career. After giving examples, you must practice the skills and perform the movements.

Additionally, you can upload your flight videos for the instructor to view and provide feedback on. To practice flying, you must buy Flight Simulator X or 2004, a flight stick (joystick), or a flight yoke.

Everything is covered, from start-up checklists and taxis to the active runway, air maneuvers, and a safe landing. The PC Pilot Solo Certificate is then presented.

Skills learned here can be used to accelerate your real pilot training progress. 

  • 5 hours of on-demand video 
  • 8 downloadable resources 
  • Full lifetime access 
  • Access on mobile and TV 
  • Certificate of completion

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Reasons to Study Ground School Online

To begin with, students who enroll in an online flying school have a better understanding of the foundations of flight instruction. This allows you to use online learning to study at your own pace. Additionally, it provides you with a strong foundation of knowledge before beginning flight school. 

All content from the online flight school that has been satisfactorily finished is credited and transferred to the online ground course. Above all, on your journey to becoming an airline pilot, you will save time and money. Collaboration with other students online is one of the most helpful aspects of online flight instruction. With the help of this feature, students can interact and support one another. 

Best Online Ground Schools (Conclusion)

You can start your training at home in the comfort of your home with pilot school online, saving you time and money. You’ll have a solid base when you get to flight school. The list of ground schools provided in this article will get you well grounded before you start your flight school.

Why not enroll in one of the above-mentioned Online Ground Schools? One of the highest-paying jobs on the planet today is online ground school. A great place to start is by picking a career path through Online Ground School. This article has outlined the benefits of taking an online ground course. Continued learning is a fantastic route to success.

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