Top 10 Best Music Production Schools Online (USA)

Top 10 Best Music Production Schools Online in USA

Today, we present the top 10 best music production schools online in USA. The best way to learn the specialized skills needed to become a music producer is by enrolling in a study program in the field.

Additionally, earning a degree in music production can unquestionably enhance your career prospects and give you useful information and experience.

Therefore, we compiled a list of the top music production programs in the US for today’s article. Along with discussing various career options for music production students, we will also define what it means to be a professional music producer.

What Is Music Production?

Music production is the process of writing, recording, and editing music for release. It includes a broad range of activities, including as writing and composing music, recording, engineering, mixing, and mastering.

In the music business, music producers are essential because they influence the sound of the songs we hear on the radio, in streaming services, and in motion pictures and television programs.

You can learn the abilities and information required to succeed as a music producer from music production courses. These educational institutions provide a range of programs, such as bachelor’s, master’s, and associate’s degrees.

While some programs concentrate on the more basic parts of music creation, others include specialized areas like cinema scoring, audio engineering, or electronic music production.

The following elements should be taken into account while selecting a music production school:

  • The standing and performance history of the school
  • The faculty and curriculum of the program
  • The facilities and equipment of the school
  • The program’s price

Now, let’s share with you USA’s top-ranked online music production schools:

Top 10 Best Music Production Schools Online

Bellow is a list of the best music production schools online, giving you what you need to become one of the best music producers.

1. Berklee College of Music

the best music production schools online - Berklee College of Music

The best college for music production is Berklee College of Music. The institution consistently stands out among the top music colleges, and it is one of the most popular music schools in the world, Berklee is frequently the first choice for aspirational musicians and producers.

These are some of the programs in which you might be interested:

  • Bachelor of Music in Independent Recording and Production 
  • Bachelor of Music in Music Production and Engineering
  • Minor in Recording and Production for Musicians
  • Specialization in Audio Post-Production
  • Specialization in Commercial Record Production

Whatever path they take, Berklee students have the chance to enroll in some of the top music production courses in the university’s cutting-edge settings.

And without a doubt, having a Berklee degree in music production gives you an advantage over rivals. 

Their alums have won 310 Grammy Awards and other prestigious accolades in the industry, which should give you an idea of their success.

In addition to the programs we’ve already mentioned, Berklee College of Music offers graduate- and undergraduate-level online music production courses.

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2. NYU Steinhardt

One of the best music production schools online in USA is NYU Steinhardt.

They also have a reputation for being one of the best schools for music production. They provide a range of courses and degrees, including a Ph.D. in music technology and Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees.

They provide a variety of music production courses, such as:

Students at NYU Steinhardt enjoy access to premier recording studios, music publishing companies, jazz clubs, and theatres in addition to taking top-notch music production classes.

So it’s safe to say that NYU Steinhardt’s reputation as one of the top institutions for music production is well-deserved.

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3. USC Thornton School of Music

Another top US school for music production is the Thornton School of Music, located at the University of Southern California.

The university’s interdisciplinary approach and well-organized Bachelor of Music in Music Production program are among its most renowned features.

They are one of the few schools that successfully combines technology and the arts. Accordingly, USC Thornton School of Music is the best choice for musicians interested in fusing digital music production with other professional specialties like composition, performing, and live acoustic instrument recording.

4. Frost School of Music

One of the best music production schools online in USA, the Frost School of Music is located at the University of Miami. They provide community and summer programmes in addition to undergraduate, graduate, and online programmes.

Undergraduate students can concentrate on conventional music studies and performance, history, and theory while learning about mixing, signal processing, and recording when it comes to their music production studies.

Additionally, students at Frost learn technical skills in disciplines like electrical engineering and computer science.

5. American University Online

American University Online - best online musici production schools

American University Online, which is based in Washington, D.C. provides master’s degrees and undergraduate programmes like:

  • MA Audio Technology 
  • BA Audio Production 
  • BS Audio Production 

They cover subjects like sound synthesis, audio production, electronics, physics, and using digital audio workstations (DAW) in their core courses.

Fundamentals of Audio Technology, Audio Mastering, Real-time Performance Workshop, and Critical Listening are a few of the courses offered in audio technology.

Last but not least, students at American University have access to cutting-edge equipment and facilities as well as opportunities to study with some of the best subject matter experts.

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6. SAE Institute

The SAE Institute have about 54 affiliated campuses spread across 21 different nations. They have locations throughout the US, including New York City, Miami, Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago, and Nashville.

The SAE Institute typically offers education at all ACA programs, including bachelor’s, diploma, and associate’s degrees. Additionally, they provide classes for those looking to pursue careers as audio engineers, sound editors, audio/visual technicians, game audio specialists, etc.

Their courses emphasize hands-on, immersive training, artistic teamwork, and classroom instruction in studio settings that are relevant to Middle Tennessee State University is a fantastic choice for industry. This makes it one of the top music production schools online in USA.

7. Full Sail University

The music and recording programmes offered by Full Sail University include:

  • Audio Production Bachelor’s 
  • Music Production Bachelor’s 
  • Recording Arts Bachelor’s 
  • Show Production Bachelor’s

They offer both in-person and online classes.

Although their campus has many cutting-edge recording environments, their online music production courses are very convenient for students interested in distance learning.

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8. Musicians Institute

The Hollywood-based Musicians Institute provides a range of on-campus and online courses. Audio engineering, electronic music production, music composition, and studio recording are a few of the pertinent subjects they study.

Additionally, they provide students with the technical know-how and professional abilities they need to succeed as independent recording and performing artists through their Independent Artist Programme. Additionally, their curricula cover both conventional and fashionable methods in depth.

9. Middle Tennessee State University

There are bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music production available from Middle Tennessee State University. After all, Nashville, also known as Music City, is where the university is situated.

Additionally, Billboard Magazine consistently ranks the programme among the top 10 universities in the United States for sound engineering and the music business. For those who are sincerely interested in a career in music production, Middle Tennessee State University is a fantastic choice.

10. Drexel University

Drexel University

You would have the opportunity to work at Drexel University’s independent record label, Mad Dragon Records. And one of the best ways to approach music production education is through practical, hands-on learning.

Their four-year undergraduate Music Industry programme concentrates on the business, management, and technology of the music industry in addition to developing practical skills.

Billboard Magazine consistently names this programme as one of the top music business programmes in the nation. Having said that, this well-known US music school is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the music business.

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What Do Music Producers Do?

As you can see, if you’re looking for a top-notch music production programme, you have a lot of excellent options. The top university programmes in music production equip their students for a range of audio-related segments. And that can only mean that students studying music production pick up a variety of skills.

So what do music producers actually do, and what qualifications are needed to become one? Music production, in general, refers to the process of writing, recording, and editing music before it is released. 

It involves several stages and typically consists of: 

  • Songwriting 
  • Arranging 
  • Recording 
  • Mixing 
  • Mastering

It all depends on your individual objectives and skills; if you aren’t sure what kind of producer you want to be yet, you still have time to decide while you are studying.

As a professional music producer, you have a wide range of options, which is why the best schools for the field provide well-rounded curricula that emphasis a variety of skills.

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Best Music Production Schools Online (Conclusion)

Understanding the fundamentals of composition and music theory is a must before beginning any kind of music creation. This will provide you with a solid understanding of the melody, harmony, and rhythm parts of music.
After gaining a foundational knowledge of music theory, you can begin studying the various facets of music production, including mixing, mastering, and recording.

You can study music creation using a variety of tools, such as books, software, and online tutorials. After mastering the fundamentals, you can begin honing your craft by creating original music. Opportunities to work together with other musicians and producers can also be found online or in your neighborhood.

We sincerely hope that our list of the top music production schools online has been helpful to you. All of the institutions we’ve discussed today have an excellent reputation and provide well-designed curricula that can help you get ready for a career as a music producer. 

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