Top 10 Best Budget Smartphones for College Students In 2023

Top 10 Best Budget Smartphones for College Students

Looking for the best budget smartphones for college students this year? If you’re a student, you know that buying a smartphone can be expensive.

Over 85% of people in the age range of 18 to 34 own and use a smartphone, according to Nielson.

In recent years, smartphones have become into an essential aspect of our life. Nowadays, a cell phone is used for a lot more than just communication. Smartphone use is widespread among people from all backgrounds and professions.

However, both physically and online, there are difficulties with inappropriate smartphone use in the classroom. However, it’s also true that children’s smartphones play a significant role in their education.

These devices offer access to information and a variety of teaching resources. With a smartphone in hand, a student can access the notes or instructional assistance while on the go.

Instead of braking the bank to get a smartphone, we present a list of the best budget smartphone for college students in this article.

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Best budget smartphones for college students

Best Budget Smartphones for College Students

Google Pixel 3a.

First up, on our list of the best budget smartphones for college students is the Google Pixel 3a. The Google Pixel 3a is a phone that offers great value for money. It has the fastest processor, best camera and battery life in its class. This is an ideal device for gaming, streaming and multitasking.

It also comes with some of the best features like Face ID fingerprint scanner or Active Edge squeeze technology which lets you get information about an app without unlocking it immediately just by squeezing your phone like iPhone XS Max does it today (or rather from Samsung Galaxy S10).

The only downside is that you can’t buy this smartphone online directly from Google Store but instead must go through retailers such as Amazon or Best Buy US because these companies sell more than 100 models under same name but all are different specifications based on region where each model was made available in USA market only at present time; so if you live outside USA then purchasing might be difficult unless there’s another option available at your location right now!

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro

With a sharper display and better camera, the Redmi Note 10 Pro is essentially a Poco X3 NFC that has been improved. It is one of the best budget smartphones for college students.

The 6.67in 120Hz panel’s AMOLED technology produces vibrant colors with superb contrast. While the 108Mp lead camera shines, it is backed up by two more cameras that surpass expectations.

The Redmi Note 10 Pro is a fantastic value option given what Xiaomi has included, and interesting features like 33W rapid charging, a headphone connector, and even an IR blaster contribute to this.

Samsung Galaxy A13 – Best software

When it comes to pure performance, Samsung’s low-cost Galaxy A13 falls short of competitors with similar price tags, but it makes up for it with Samsung’s popular OneUI Android skin and a commitment to receive two full Android version software updates and four years of security patches, giving this phone a longevity that few low-cost handsets can match.

In addition to having a sleek design that we believe is superior to many of the alternatives, it also has a respectable camera, which is why it is still ranked among the best budget smartphones for college students in 2023.

Be aware of what you’re giving up by sticking with Samsung, though, as some phones in this comparison table offer faster CPUs, slicker displays, and 5G capability.

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Samsung Galaxy S10e.

The Samsung Galaxy S10e is a great option for college students because it has a 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, making it easy to use with only one app open at a time.

cheapest smartphones for college students

The 5.8-inch display has an HD+ resolution of 720×1440 pixels, which is still sharp enough even when you’re using your phone in landscape mode. The 12MP rear camera and 8MP front camera both offer high-quality images that can be shared on social media or saved as photographs. You can also take advantage of the microSD slot if you want more storage space for your photos or videos!

If all this isn’t enough, this phone comes with USB Type-C charging port so no cables are needed–just plug it in and go! Never worry about having low battery again because this phone lasts up to three hours after just 20 minutes of charging time!

Isn’t that great? It is one of the reasons for listing this device as one of the best budget smartphones for college students.

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Motorola One Vision

The Motorola One Vision is a mid-range smartphone with 4G LTE connectivity, a 5.99-inch OLED display, 12MP + 5MP dual rear camera and 8MP front camera.

It also comes with 32GB storage, 3,000mAh battery and Android 9.0 Pie OS on board which makes it perfect for those looking for a budget smartphone that can last them through their college years without any issues.

Nokia X7

The Nokia X7 is a good choice and has made the list of the best budget smartphones for college students. It has a good camera and battery life, which make it an ideal device to use while commuting to class or studying late at night.

The build quality of this phone is also great, as it feels solid in the hand and doesn’t feel cheap like some other budget smartphones on the market today.

Nokia’s camera phone has been around since 2015 and has remained one of the best value options in that category ever since then–it’s all about how you use it! If you’re looking for something simple with basic features but don’t want anything too flashy, this might be just what your wallet needs at $200 USD (which includes taxes).

ZTE Blade A5 4G LTE

The ZTE Blade A5 4G LTE is a good smartphone for college students. It has a good display and camera, which are both essential for any phone that you use on a daily basis. The operating system of the Blade A5 is also great, because it does not have any ads in it or any unnecessary apps that may slow down your device.

The price of this phone is also affordable; it costs around $100 USD or less depending on where you buy it from (we recommend buying this one directly from Amazon).

Motorola Moto G62

Because they are inexpensive, all cheap phones have drawbacks, including the Moto G62. You sacrifice performance, camera quality, and quick charging to save money.

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What you get with the Moto is a strong plastic build quality that is superior to other phones at this price, a clean version of Android 12, and changes that are made only where Moto can make them better rather than just adding features for their own sake.

Motorola Moto G62 is no doubt one of the best budget smartphones for college students.

Despite having an LCD panel as opposed to an OLED panel, there is a fantastic always-on display that allows you to instantly read and open notifications, something that no other phone brand offers.

Despite the strength of that brand’s inexpensive phones, you will be able to overlook any performance hiccups from time to time because of how elegant this phone’s software is. It’s a terrific alternative to Xiaomi’s crowded UI.

The Moto G62 has three cameras on the back, but it would be a stretch to call them all decent. Fortunately, the 50Mp primary sensor is quite reliable and will produce superb daytime photos. You have a fantastic cheap phone alternative when you combine that with the long battery life of the 5000mAh cell, which we occasionally found reached the end of the day at 50%.

Oppo A54 5G

The Oppo A54 5G is a low-cost phone that excels in a number of categories, including design, 5G, a 48MP quad-camera, and a big 5000mAh battery that outperforms even some of the priciest models on the market.

However, it is not without flaws. Despite the good battery life, 10W charging is still incredibly slow in today’s world. Even if the camera’s night mode is excellent, the user interface should be made much clearer and easier.

However, for the price, you get a reliable, high-end camera phone that won’t break down on you right away. These factors make the A54 5G an affordable contender, in our opinion.

Huawei Honor View 20

The Huawei Honor View 20 has a great screen and battery life. It also has an excellent camera, which is one of the most important features for any smartphone. The phone’s performance is good, but it doesn’t have the best processor or RAM.

The Honor View 20 has a 5.99-inch Full HD+ OLED display with 2160 x 1080 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio (18:9), resulting in a pixel density of 493 ppi–much higher than most other smartphones at this price point!

Honor 10 Lite

This device has a price tag of $299 and is perfect for students who want a phone that can be used anywhere. Yes, one of the cheapest smartphones for college students. It has a 6.21-inch IPS LCD display with a FullView design, which makes it easy to see even in direct sunlight.

The unit also runs on Android 9 Pie OS (with EMUI 8) out of the box and includes 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage space plus expandable up to 256GB via microSD card slot which comes in handy when you need more storage space than what’s available on your device itself.

The Honor 10 Lite has an octa-core CPU clocked at 1.7GHz under its hood along with Mali-G51 MP4 GPU for better graphics rendering performance while gaming or playing high-end mobile games like PUBG Mobile or Asphalt 9: Legends without any lag whatsoever!

You can get a good smartphone for a low price these days. There are several affordable options out there that will still give you all of the features that modern smartphones have to offer.

Best Budget Smartphones for College Students (Conclusion)

So there you have it, our list of the best budget smartphones for students.

Remember that this is by no means a comprehensive list of all the fantastic phones available, but we sincerely hope that these ten will assist you in finding your perfect phone!

Furthermore, buying a smartphone doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Spending a lot of money on your smartphone is the last thing you want to do. You don’t need to add any more bills to your already extensive list!

Moreover, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on smartphones. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on your smartphone. You already have enough expenses in life and don’t need to add another one!


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