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How can we keep parents engaged?

Parent registration nights will be starting soon. It is the norm for us to invite the parents in for two separate sessions. During the first night we give information to the parents and encourage them to create a schedule with their child. The second night occurs a week later. Parents are invited back to the school and during this time they get one-on-one advisement time with a coordinator, guidance counselor, or administrator. We would like for these nights to be as beneficial as possible. We were considering the possibility for including  information on the move toward Standards Based Grading. This process has not been introduced to the faculty just yet. And I realize that some in our group have not had training on it either. But think about how much information we need to share and when it would be a good time to start bringing in the community as we begin our climate shift to accountability. Also I did speak to Carolyn about the two days of Freshmen Orientation. Concerns were teachers working and how would it fit into the pay schedule. I having been thinking about it since then. We could have the two days of orientation instead of two days of advisor/advisee down time. Each student could be mailed a time frame during the summer to come and check schedules on those two days. they would not be required to stay for the whole time (maybe). that would give reason for all teachers to have to be at work and it would give us the two days of orientation needed for Freshmen. Or....we may need to combine it into one day and rethink 8th grade day in the spring. That could be our movie/house visit day for Sgt York. Play with the ideas. And let me know if we really want to be in charge of making this happen. If so I will ask for 8th grade day anbd we can begin the planning for it.,