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Spanish 5-6 summer school 2009 GHS • Back To All Pages »

los deberes (la tarea)

es mie'rcoles el veintinueve de julio de dos mil nueve

  1. design and prepare your review game for your chapter and with your partner.   You'll have 10 minutes to settle on, rehearse and prepare wieth your partner.  Be very prepared when you it is your turn to present.
  2. write 2nd draft of your magazine article.  This should be a perfect product.  Skip lines. You may or may not have time to prepare a 3rd draft in class.
  3. Cornell notes and bilingual list for 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3.  Grammar and vocab only.  These are easy and grammar is reallly, only review. 
  4. as for your verb tense handout from class today in which you had to conjugate and translate.  Finish it and I will check it for you in class.   Complete in pencil!
  5. Study by folding over the answers on the Cornell notes and bilingual lists.  Highlight what you got wrong or forgot. 
  6. Go back and only study your highlighted items.

es martes, el veintisiete de dos mil nueve

  1. 5.3 Cornell notes #2-10, 23-33 only, bilingual list and self-check quiz
  2. 5.3 Spanish vocab by book 5.3-play a game and then do the graded quiz/exercise
  3. read pp. 435 and 437 grammar and write an example sentence of your own for each page.

es lunes, el 26 de julio de dos mil nueve

  1. extra credit - tennis balls with a 1-inch x cut into them. 
  2. 5.2 Cornell notes and billingual list
  3. 5.2 self-check quiz
  4. grammar lessons read #43, 46 and 89.  Take and record the basic mini quiz. 
  5. 5.2 study for the direct and indirect quiz.  Where to put each pronoun in relation to a conjugated verb vs. an infinitive, ando/iendo and positive command verb.  We will only do either direct or indirect in each question, not two the response.
  6. bring magazine article notes, images, citations.   DO NOT WRITE THE ARTICLE, yet.  We will do it in class!

Extra Credit: JULY 24

Norton Simon Museum - 411 W. Colorado Bl., Pasadena.  This eclectic program blends classical music from Spain with modern compositions from Mexico. Flautist Salpy Kerkonian and harpist Andrea Puente team up with a flamenco dancer to bring to life passionate pieces by Enrique Granados, Jacques Ibert, Daniel Catan and Arturo Márquez.  Time: 7:00-8:00 p.m.  FREE with Museum Admission: $8.00 adults; $4.00 seniors; Free for 18 and under.

SUMMER SOUNDS(323) 850-2000

Hollywood Bowl - 2301 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles.Formerly known as Open House at the Hollywood Bowl, SummerSounds 2009: The World in Your Backyard. This year we leave behind the SS Global Harmony to explore ethnic Los Angeles — its musicians, the neighborhood they reflect and the world music that informs them. Explore the music that is right here, where diverse cultures influence and enrich one another in one of the most exciting cities in the world.  This week’s program: MEXICO IN EAST LOS ANGELES—MUSIC: Musician, teacher, instrument-maker and more, Cesar Castro brings to life the spirit of his beloved East Los Angeles by leading a fandango — the colorful celebration where musicians, dancers, poets and the community gather around the platform (tarima) to sing and dance. Come learn about the hidden treasure that is East Los Angeles, now a thriving home to the musical style called son jarocho.   ART: Viva la arte! Come to the Art Workshop and make a beaded painting, sculpt a Day of the Dead mask, and much more. Performances are held Mon.-Fri. at 10:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m.  Admission: $7.00 per person. Fine Arts Outdoor Studio is an art workshop based on the week’s theme and is available at 10:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. for an additional cost of $5.00 per child. Recommended for ages 3-9.

es jueves, el veintitre's de julio de dos mil nueve

  1. 5.1 Cornell notes and Bilingulal list
  2. 5.1 self-check quiz and flashcard game
  3. pp. 346-7 act 1-4.  For act 2 be sure to write 1 question and for act. 4 to write 1 statement. 
  4. artist-see files to check your name and artist.  Select your favorite work by the artist.  Be sure to do some research and to highlight the following info.  Title and date, genre, style or art movement,  composition, figures, emotions, color, and how do these support the theme?  What is the theme.  Include as large of a copy of the artwork as possible without distorting the image. 
  5. For your magazine article, do more research and print.  Print out small 3-4 images to support your article.   Use MLA format to cite your source.  Please include pictures graphs, tables, or anything that supports your article.  You may have to create your own tables.   Please, do not write anything.  But you must highlight your info. 


es mie'rcoles, el veintido's de julio de dos mil nueve

  1. 4.3 bilingual list, cornell notes
  2. 4.3 flashcard game and self-check quiz from
  3. grammar #21, 58, 103.  Submit report.
  4. study for 4.3 quiz on grammar: possessive adjectives, possessive pronouns, future tense and vocabulayr
  5. make outline for magazine article for each paragraph include title and subtitles

es martes, el veintiuno de julio de dos mil nueve

  • 4.2 Cornel Notes, Bilingual list, self-check quiz
  • spanish verbs #20 y 27.  Print report, don't submit
  • study for test on 4.2 including vocab, grammar,
  • brainstorm for your diario-si hubiera _____, habria ____.
  • magazine article, bring in 1 website for research and detail what info you're going to include.  Be sure to cite  your source in MLA style.

es lunes, el veinte de julio de dos mil nueve

  1. completa 4.1 Borges de los apuntes de Cornell
  2. 4.2 flashcard game
  3. study for progressive quiz present, imperfect, past, ir, seguir, andar, i=y, e-i, o=u,
  4. start selecting for which chapter you'll do your magazine article-It will have to use the vocabuary and grammar for that chapter.  Choose your top 5 with article ideas.  These must be written down. 

es jueves, el diecise'is de julio de dos mil nueve

  1. completa de los apuntes de Cornell 4.1 todo excepto la lectura sobre Borges
  2. download 4.1 bilingual list and quiz yourself.  Highlight corrections.
  3. poster for your topic on the subjunctives.  Include:
    1. color-coding
    2. neat charts
    3. big font to see from across teh room
    4. use/s
    5. about whom?
    6. example and translation
    7. conjugations (if applicable)
    8. used with what other tense(s)
  4. under Spanish verbs go to #21 and #22 and take the present progressive and past progressive for 8 minutes each.  Record results.  Retake to at least earn 80% on at least 40 words for each topic,
  5. study for quiz on conjugations of the present progressive, past progressive, and uses. 

es mie'rcoles, el quince de julio de dos mil nueve

  1. subjunctive test on present, present perfect, imperfect subjunctive and if, then with imperfect subjunctive + conditional and present subjunctive + future tense.   I didn't assign self-check quiz, but try it, b/c many questions will be just like that, if not those exact ones.
  2. 3 report folders with prongs.  Grammar, Diarios and 1 for culture for poems, songs, etc..
  3. pp.244-5, act 1-4.   Write complete sentences in Spanish, but please! double-spaced.  For act 1 just do like the example, the 2nd Tu'.
  4. 3.3 Cornell notes and bilingual list- go to files to download it. 

es martes, el catorce de julio de dos mil nueve

  1. 3.2 Cornell notes, Bilingual list, self check quiz
  2. bring writing folder with your autobiography inside and correction symbols.
  3. write 3-sentence responses and rehearse for the speaking test on the following questions:
    1.  ?Co'mo y cua'ndo festejas el Ano Nuevo?
    2. ?Co'mo y cua'ndo festejas el Dia de la Independencia?
    3. ?Co'mo y cua'ndo celebras el Dia de las Madres o Padres?
    4. ?Dudas que exista Santa Claus y por que'?
    5. ?Que' tipo de novio/a buscas?  Co'mo quieres que sea, por que'?
    6. ?Crees que saques una "f" en la clase y por que'?
    7. Si ganas la loteria, que hara's y por que'?
    8. Si tuvieras miedo de fracasar(to fail) que' hari'as?
    9. Co'mo se celebra el Ano Nuevo en Puerto Rico?
    10. Por qu'e comparten muchos di'as festivos con EUA (Estados Unidos de Ame'rica)?
    11. Describe 3 comidas ti'picas de Puerto Rico. 
  4.  you may submit your score, but be sure to type your name when  you register.   Be sure to pick my name, Sra. Marcucci (Clark Magnet High School).  Do 5 min for each: present subjunctive, future and imperfect subjunctive, conditional.

es lunes, el trece de julio de dos mil nueve

  1. 3.1 cornell notes, bilingual list, self-check quiz
  2.  grammar imperfect subjunctive -ra endings. Choose all verbs and all pronouns for 8 minutes.  Print out.
  3. 3.1 self-check quiz. print out.
  4. bring 2nd report folder with prongs for your diarios and class writing. 
  5. 3.1 study for exam, culture, grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading.

es mie'rcoles, el ocho de julio de dos mil nueve

  1. memoriza tu autbiografia.

  2. prepara tu po'ster con 6 ima'genes y subti'tulos de frases cortas-no oraciones!

  3. estudia para el examen final, vocabulario, grama'tica, cultura, escuchar de los capitulos: etapa preliminar al 2.3, y del 3.1 y 3.2 solamente la gramatica pero el vocabulario.   no imperfecto de subjuntivo. o cultura.  

es martes, el siete de julio de dos mil nueve

  1. 2.3 Cornell notes
  2. 2.3 lista bilingu:e
  3. 2.3 flashcard game
  4. 2.3 self-check quiz
  5. www.conjuguemos. com 1 for preterite and 1 for present tense.   Choose all  verbs and all subject pronouns. Play for 8 minutes each.  Record and print. 

es lunes, el seis de julio de dos mil nueve

  1. 2.2 Cornell notes-except the "lectura"
  2. 2.2 the self-check quiz-print
  3. 2.2 Subjunctive sheet h.w. (downloadable under "files")
  4.  2.2 study for mini-test
  5. written brainstorm for your "autobiografi'a".  Include notes for 3 sentences each for the following:
  6. Introduction 1 sentence
    1. present
    2. past
    3. imperfect
    4. future
    5. conditional
    6. subjunctive
    7. conclusion (1 sentence)
  7. find and copy pictures to write a 1 word caption for each of the 6 tenses. 

es jueves, el dos de julio de dos mil nueve

  1.  2.2 bilingual list.  Translate from Spanish to English.  Study according to your learning style.  Then quiz yourself on the next column from English to Spanish.  Highlight your corrections.
  2. draw on 2 different papers the vocabulary for words. 1-22 and 42-56.
  3. 2.2 flashcard game-print results.
  4. grammar lessons to read and take the mini test: 71, 81-84.   Don't retake.   Students who aren't registered and have to print out results are: Stella M. Tatevik, Jesse, Bianca, Nika, and Michael.

es mie'rcoles, el primero de julio de dos mil nueve

  1. 2.1 Cornell notes, except last item 
  2. 2.1 bilingual list-
  3. 2.1 bl words 26-47 draw word meaning on 4x 5 =20 squares.  Be ready for Bingo
  4. study for vocabulary quiz after bingo-know spelling.
  5. 2.1 self-check quiz and flashcard game-print out.
  6. link activity.  Visit 1 of the following sites.  Read, research, print 1 simple thing we all can do this week to help others, animals and/or save the environment.
  7. you will print out the information from the website.
  8. On the back, write a title, chart to sequence from the problem to the solution with at least 5 steps.  (use flowchart, etc..).  Include 2 graphics to illustrate either the problem or solution.  Include 2 pictures 1 for the problem and 1 for the solution.  Prepare in 1 simple Spanish sentence to identify the problem and to offer a solution.  Use commands.  
  9. websites are (you may use others as well)  Choose something about which you're passionate.  If you're an athlete, it can be to prevent childhood obesity through sports, if you're into science-green things we can do to save the planet.  If you like cars, research the greenest cars or fuel.  If you love animals, it can be on that, etc...
    2. for cosmetics that aren't toxic to you:
    4. for teens helping the world
    6. hip green and trendy
    7. Grist
    8.  EcoGeek (Green technology);
    9. AutoblogGreen (cars);
    10. Inhabitat (green architecture and design).
    11. Dot Earth (New York Times)
    12. Climate Change (Guardian)
    13. RealClimate
    14. Environmental Capital (WSJ)
    15. No Impact Man
    16. EcoGeek
    17. Ecorazzi
    18. Switchboard (NRDC)
    19. Mongabay
    20. Climate Ethics
    21. Climate Progress
    22. World Changing
    23. Planet Ark  

es martes, el treinta de junio de dos mil nueve

  1. study for 1.3 mini-test 2nd on the agenda for tomorrow.
  2. study for unit 1 exam for all 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 after snack
  3. finish 1.3 lista bilingu:e.  translate to English.  Then quiz yoursefl from English to Spanish.  Highlight corrections
  4. finish 1.3 Cornell notes except for the lecturas on House on Mango Street and on Tito  Puente.  We will do those in class.
  5. complete and print the self-check quiz and flashcard game for 1.3


es lunes, el veintinueve de junio de dos mil nueve

  1. study for quiz on ser vs. estar
  2. complete 1.2 Cornell notes and 1.2 bilingual list.  On the bilingual list, translate first to English.   Study the words according to your learning style.  Quiz yourself from English to Spanish.  Highlight words you had to correct or didn't know.

  3. color code the future tense chart

  4. pg. 73 act. 2 and  3.  For act. 3 just answer in future tense-don't write a question and answer.

  5. bring in 1 picture each for Oscar de la Renta and for Balenciaga.  Choose your favorite from each.  Label. 

  6. rehearse your fashion show and number the words on the sheets.

  7. test on 1.2

es el veintise'is de juniod de dos mil nueve

  1. register- If it doesn't work for you, print out your results.   Remember in your profile to type in my teacher code:  U95U6KZG
  2. go to the grammar section and read and take the mini-test for the lessons 99, 101, 102 and 54
  3. study for the present perfect and past perfect quiz.  Know uses, key words, conjugations and irregulars.   Know definition of the verbs as well.  Quiz will be similar to the mini-test in
  4. finish 1.1 Cornell Notes.  Study these according to your learning style.   Quiz yourself.  Highlight items you forgot or got wrong.   Study these again.
  5. classwork for Stella, Serah and Biayna ser and estar notes act. 5 and 6 on pg 40.  Download the 1.1. Cornell notes.


es el veinticinco de junio de dos mil nueve

  1. bilingual list 1.1 is ready now to be downloaded. 
  2. Download bilingual list 1.1, translate, study and after you've played the flashcard game, fold over the Spanish column and quiz yourself.  Highlight wors you had to correct.
  3. study according to your learning style.  Write a short paragraph about what you did to study and how it worked for you.
  4. type up differences between preterite and imperfect.  Place in the back of your grammar folder.
  5. for the flashcard game and self check quiz.  Print these out.
  6. from pg. 53 prepare a 16 pic collage of yourself.   You'll use the verbs ser and tener about yourself as a child.  Be ready to present to me in the imperfect.  
  7. color the 3 imperfect handouts.
  8. study for quiz on the preterite vs. imperfect. 

es el veinticuatro de junio de 2009

  1. sign school contract and return
  2. study for school contract quiz, especially dress code, attendance, discipline and electronic devices
  3. color all sheets for present and preterite: red, orange, yellow, yellow, green, blue, purple, purple.
  4. study for preterite test and vocabulary #76-101, but also including 1-75.   Will be multipe choice and conjugation.

es martes, el veintitre's de junio de 2009

  1. take questionnaire and print results

  2. in print results for your highest and 2nd highest results.   

  3. take the self-check quiz and print for Etapa Preliminar

  4.  play the flashcard game and print last screen

  5. bring 3 report folders with prongs to add more pages. 1 for verb booklet, 2. for culture notes, and 3. for Diario