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Peri'odo 7-los deberes (la tarea)


es martes, el doce de enero de dos mil diez

  1. bring a short 1-2 paragraph article in Spanish about the environment in Central America (rest of the Spanish-speaking countries is an acceptable second choice).   Read it through and be ready to write  a short synopsis of 2-3 sentences about it in Spanish.    Do not write it yet!
  2. quiz on ignorance

es lunes,  el once de enero de dos mil diez

  1. quiz on ignorance statements with the subjunctive.

es el ocho de enero  de dos mil diez

  1. study for quiz on Subjunctive with expressions of desire.  Which sentences are indicative or subjunctive.
  2. create 8 1/2 x 11 poster on ecology.  Clip pictures, label and number 10 words.   Title "El medio ambiente"

9 de diciembre de dos mil nueve

  1. quiz on stem-changing verbs and stem-changing verbs-ir commands.

8 de diciembre de dos mil nueve

  1. translate all the questions on pg. 123 (violet box)  Leave the 2nd column blank.  We'll answer later.  

7/12 due el martes, 8 de diciembre de dos mil nueve

command quiz on regular verbs, -go verbs, ger/gir -go verbs, zco verbs and consonant +cer/cir verbs to zo.  

4/12 due el lunes, 7 de diciembre de dos mil nueve

  1. quiz on car, gar, zar, and super irregular commands for all subjects except positive tu' or vosotros.
  2. research Rigoberta Menchu'.  Why did she win the Noble prize?   What were her obstacles and successes?
  3. WHat is she doing now?

3/12  study for English to Spanish vocab quiz from 1st column on pgl 127.  Know spelling and definition.   Due tomorrow.

1/12 commands, 10 minutes, 50 word minimum.  you'll earn the percentage of your results.  You may redo until you earn a grade you want to receive.

30/11  Ud. commands.   Complete the 1st column.  Due tomorrow


  1. Unit 1 Exam, retake for the whole class.   
  2. 2.1 bilingual list pg. 1 and 2
  3. pg. 112 act. 2, 3 and 4.   For act. 4 list the top 5 volunteer jobs you'd do.

17/11 -due 19/11

  1. 2.1 bilingual list for onlywords pp. 108-9
  2. review for unit 1 exam.
  3. go to and do the vocab by book for all the chapters.   Earn 80%.  For the grammar, do the present tense, preterite, imperfect, future, present perfect, past perfect.   earn 80%.  Print.  
  4. Study Oscar de la Renta and Tito Puente. 

16/11 Study for unit 1 exam on Tuesday, November 17th.  Study all bilingual lists, Cornell Notes and flipcharts.

10/11 para el jueves, el 12 de noviembre

  1. study for 1.3 exam
  2. review for unit 1 exam for etapa preliminar, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3  
  3. unit 1 exam on Friday, 13 de noviembre

6/11 para el lunes, el 9 de noviembre

  1. 1.3 self-check quiz.

 3/11 para mie'rcoles, el 4 de noviembre

  1. Vocab by book 1.3 por 10 minutos. 
  2. lista bilingue 1.3 los quehaceres-el televisor.  practice the motion as you say the word.  leave the last column blank. 
  3. For Thursday, find an ad for cleaning services in Spanish and for Jobs offered in Spanish.  Check or other print sources. 


  1. Study for 1.2 exam. will also include present perfect and past perfect questions, present, preterite and imperfect from previous chapters.
  2. self-check quiz 1.2.  Print results.


28/10 due viernes, el 30 de octubre de dos mil nueve

  1. Read grammar lessons  verbs like gustar and por vs. para.  Print basic quiz.  
  2. future tense.  10 minutes and 80% minimum.   Print results.
  3. Be ready for a vocabulary quiz.  Study vocabulary from previous chapters as well. 
  4. We're having our Exam 1.2  on Monday, November 2nd. 

26/10 due mie'rcoles, el 28 de octubre de dos mil nueve

  1. book, pg. 60- act. 1, 2 and 5.   Spanish sentence on column 1 and Englsh translation on column 2.  
  2. Find a Hispanic designer's design from head to toe.   Do research and bring answers to:  
    1. Origen
    2. School
    3. General adjectives
    4. Who wears their designs
    5. where they live now
    6. Inspiration from other designers
    7. Inspiration-other
    8. Print and bring. 
    9. Like or dislike and why?   Show to 20 other students and survey their reactions.  

23/10 due lunes, el 26 de octubre

  1. students to log into  to register their E-mail addresses into our database. The process takes approximately 30 seconds.. Students may use a current E-mail account or create an email account on yahoo, gmail, etc. to use specifically for the website. Once the students' E-mail accounts are in, students may securely log into your teacher pages to view content only meant for our students.Please complete this task by Friday, October 23
  2. 1.2 tutor cd en contexto and en vivo listening comprehension.   Answer all the questions and print out your session report.
  3. 1.2 Spanish vocab by book in Work for 10 min.   Earn at least 80%.

22/10 due viernes el 23 de octubre

  1. study for the exam 1.1
  2. go to grammar lessons 101 and 102.  Read the lessons, take the basic quiz and print results. 
  3. Bring a book to read for Enrichment.
  4. students to log to register their E-mail addresses into our database. The process takes approximately 30 seconds.. Students may use a current E-mail account or create an email account on yahoo, gmail, etc. to use specifically for the website. Once the students' E-mail accounts are in, students may securely log into your teacher pages to view content only meant for our students.Please complete this task by Friday, October 23


19.10 due mie'rcoles, el 21 de octubre

  1. flipchart 34 past participle
  2. for the following include:
    1. timeline,
    2. uses,
    3. formula,
    4. irregulars,
    5. definitions of irregulars,
    6. 1 verb conjugation.
  3. 35 present perfect
  4. 36 past perfect
  5. study for 1.1 exam

15/10 due Monday

  1. grammar, preterite vs. imperfect review.  REad the lesson, take the basic quiz and print.
  2. flipchart #32-3, Imperfect uses, endings, conjugate an -ar, -er, and 1 irregular.   Key words.
  3. study for imperfect quiz on conjugations and uses.   Similar to the basic quiz from the website.


  1. ser and estar quiz on Tuesday
  2. Flipchart on ser estar, #30 and 31 respectively.   Include definition, conjugations, uses, memory trick and special definitions.


  1. study for vocabulary quiz 1.1 bilingual list pg. 1 for Friday, October 9th.
  2. rehearse your oral quiz on your collage.  Be sure to have it memorized and that you speak in complete sentences.  For Monday, October 10th.
  3. Ser poster and an Estar poster.  Include definitions, conjugations, memory trick and special definition changes with alegre, nervioso, rico, aburrido, caliente, enfermo, loco, etc...  Use color and clip art to illustrate the various definitions.   write your name, period, spanish level and date in the front.

6/10--7/10, 8/10

  1. Bring a book to read during Enrichment.
  2. Spanish vocab by book, En espanol 3, 1.1.  Quiz yourself for 10 minutes.   Print out your results.
  3. study your vocabulary according to your learning style.
  4. 1.1 bilingual list page 1.  Quiz yourself and highlight your corrections.
  5. wkbk 13 and 14. 
  6. bring paperbag book covers

2/10 - due 6/10

  1. tutor cd, go to 1.1 and watch En contexto.   answer all the questions and print session report.
  2. go to pg. 53 and select all the words to describe you.  Minimum 20.   Create a collage with you in the center to describe you.   Don't write out the words, but rather, clip art for example to illustrate your personality.   list the 20 words on the back of your collage.  Write your name as your title.   Have fun with this.  Collage will be 11 x 8.5 inches.
  3. interview your parents on how they met, how they fell in love and describe their wedding day or another very important date.    Bring your detailed notes-English okay, but Spanish is better.
  4. bring a paperbag for a bookcover. 

29/9 due jueves

  1. Bring a book to read for Enrichment.
  2. study for Etapa Preliminar exam
  3. ep self-check quiz, print results
  4. do all preterite verbs
  5. do all present tense verbs
  6. do Spanish vocabu by book.

24/9 due Tuesday

  1. for 10 min. do the preteriten stem & spell-changing verbs.  print out results.  In your book, review the stem-changing verbs that end in -ir.
  2. flipchart cards #23 -car verbs, #24 -gar verbs, #25-zar verbs, #26 -guar verbs, #27 i to y and i' verbs.  
  3. get ready for a preterite quiz and exam test next week.

22/9 due 24/9 Spanish verbs preterite irregular verbs.   Conjugate for 10 minutes.   print out results.  You may have to register for free in order to be able to print.   You may print screen, paste to a word document and then print.    Earn at least 80%. 


  1. Bring a book to read for Enrichment.flipchart #18 ser and ir preterite, 19-dar/ver preterite, 20-1 preterite super irregulars.  Color code with definitions.
  2. Finish bilingual lists pg. 1-2i z yourself and highlight corrections.  Fold over the previous column to quiz yourself and write the ord in Spanish on the nextcoulumn.
  3.   Spanish vocab by book.  Preliminary chapter.   choose to do 10 min.  print last screen.


  1. Bring a book of your own choice that you'll enjoying reading during Enrichment.
  2. quiz on present tense for Friday.  Regular -ar, er and ir verbs.  Know subject pronoun definitions, talking to or about, formal or casual.
  3. Complete Flipchart cards 9-14, and 15-17 for preterite.   Color code your cards.
  4. finish bilingual list pg. 2 an
  5. bring your 3 prong report folder and colored pencils.
  6. Find pictures of you to tell a story in the preterite past.  You need at least 5 pictures.   Copy the pictures.  I don't want anyone losing precious memories. 


  1. quiz on procedures
  2. quiz on present tense conjugations/definitions for regular, -go, -zco, -oy, stem-changing verbs
  3. complete on your flipchart cards 6-oy verbs. 7-8 -go verbs, 9-zco verbs, 10 o-ue, 11, e-ie, 12 e-i verbs


color code flipchart cards 1, 3-5 (red, orange, yellow, yellow, green, blue, purple, purple)

on student and parent letter to me, include your prevous spanish classes, teachers and grades in each semester.  Be sure to include info about you to help you have a successful year in Spanish.

take the assessment and bring results for your highest 1 or 2 scores.

bring overview for your highest learning style (see left column on the website.

per. 3 install tutor cd's and return.

quiz yourself on column 4 of the bilingual list.

complete student letters to Sra. Marcucci

return parent letters to Sra. Marcucci