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Mini Speeches for 1st Nine Weeks


  1. Write a speech about why you are taking this class.
  2. Autobiography/Personality Board Speech
  3. Object speech
  4. Object Sentimental Speech
  5. Write a speech about a time you experienced stage fright. What happened, how did it make you feel etc
  6. Write about something you are interested in and explain why.
  7. Write about something you feel strongly about and explain why.
  8. Write about a time when you experienced miscommunication.
  9. Write a speech about a funny story.
  10. Write a speech about a sad story.
  11. Write a speech about something in your life that made an impact on the why you think today.
  12. Choose a major news event and write a speech about the way it made you feel.
  13. Choose a controversial topic and give your views and point of view.
  14. Write a speech on how you feel about your community.
  15. Choose one thing you would like to change about your school and give strong reasons why you would welcome change.
  16. Write a speech about a person (living or dead) whose voice has made our world a better place to live.
  17.  Write a speech about why young people should stay away from drugs and alcohol.
  18. Write a speech about why manners/respect etc is important.
  19. Write a speech about why bullying in schools is not acceptable.
  20. Own Choice

Mini Speeches for 2nd Nine Weeks


  1. Write a speech of introduction in your journal.
  2. What did you learn from you Persuasive Speeches.
  3. Describe the kind of voice you think you have.
  4. What are some things you need to work on to improve your voice.
  5. Describe a time in the last four weeks when you experienced miscommunication.
  6. Write a Eulogy in your journal.
  7. Who is your favorite speaker and why.
  8. What are some aspects of speech you have learned this semester.
  9. What is the best speech you have heard this semester in class and why?
  10. Who do you believe deserves the best listening award in class this year and why?
  11. Write an entertainment speech in your journal.
  12. Share a time when you persuaded someone to do something.
  13. Do you think you have overcome stagefright since taking speech class
  14. You are the speaker for your class at graduation, write a commencement speech.
  15. In your opinion, how does the media influence your life.
  16. You are a senior. What are your future career goals. Will good speech be important to you.
  17. What are five things you need to do when going on a job interview. These need to be speech related things.
    18-20 Write down three on your own.