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Should you use CustomPapers?

The ways Custompapers stands out from the plethora of online writing services of this day and age are not positive. A first look at their website exposes you to an ancient design – one that was the norm in the early days of the Internet. Their writing services seem to lack something advertised by lots of competitors as well: the website only offers academic writing – nothing for professional activities.

To dispel typical suspicions of services like these being a scam, the company sell their credibility on being BBB registered, although no evidence is provided.

Needless to say, we never let the first impression dictate our approach to a review. As usual, we have gathered information regarding them based on customer reviews from other websites, we have read the theory of what they promise to do and then we ordered a paper of our own to see what that means in practice.

Here is what we thought of the website, based on our usual criteria:

Service Quality

Perhaps one of the most surprising things we’ve seen when placing an order was on this website. The one thing these services should offer above all is good writing quality – not just good, but do their best regardless of topic or price.

In this case, however, there are options regarding the level of quality you desire: the lowest being ESL, followed by good, very good and excellent.

First of all, there’s the issue already mentioned: it hurts the image of a business when you advertise your core product by varying levels of quality, depending on employee skill. How would you feel if you went to a restaurant and heard the question: “would you like an excellent cook to prepare your meal or is a less skilled one fine for you?” 

Second of all, having an ESL option goes against their own claim of having only native English speakers as writers. We chose the “good writing” option. Unfortunately, the writing was in an awful state even in this case. Grammar mistakes, wrong sentence structures and serious vocabulary problems were obvious on all pages. Nothing like what their testimonials said.

Staff and Support

Our experience with the support department din not clarify any reasonable questions we had before placing the order, nor did it fix any of our problem afterwards.


Another bizarre practice of the Custom Papers company is to not display clear prices. You only have a reference after placing an order and waiting for their quote. Once you get it, it’s still not clear how it was determined. You cannot speak in terms such as price per page, taking the deadline into account, since only they know what factors they take into consideration. If there’s one thing to say, it’s that the paper definitely wasn’t worth the money charged.

Features and discounts

The terribly vague pricing also means no discounts. We hoped we would receive a promo code as first-time customers or get a coupon code for future orders. It wasn’t the case.


Custom Papers may very well be one of the worst services we’ve ever reviewed – there is simply nothing good to say here. Our rating is 1 out of 5 stars.