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After school tutoring is on Monday through Thursday from 3:25 to 4:15. 

We will be working on Taks problems periodicaly between now and the test. Please encourage your child to try on these questions. Some students are marking a,b,c,or d on answers that are free-response. That leads me to believe that they are not reading the questions. It is difficult for me to help them if they have not made an honest attempt to work the problems.

Notes from the Math Department

The intent of the high school mathematics program is to prepare all students to use mathematics and problem-solving skills in higher education or on the job. The program focuses on mastering the objectives of the TEKS, problem-solving, communicating mathematically, reasoning mathematically, applying mathematics to real-world situations, and using technology.

Math is not a spectactor sport. It is necessary for the students to be prepared when they come to class. They must practice the concepts in order to commit them to memory. As a result, homework is necessary and they will probably have homework daily. 
If they are out for extracurricular activities they are to get their assigments before they are out and have it ready to turn in on the day they return.
If they are out for an illness they can look online for their assignments or call a friend. If they are going to be out for than 1 day you can call the office and we will get their assignments ready for you to pick up. It is very important that they get caught up as soon as possible.   Homework assignments are due withing 3 days of their return and tests must be made up after school within 5 days of their return.

Note about Assignments

Please keep in mind that these are "plans". Actual classwork and assignments may change a bit. Sometimes there are school interruptions and sometimes we need a bit more time on a topic. It could even happen that we need less time than what was planned.

Calendar for class

Calendars for each class will be in the file section.  The calendar is a tentative plan for classes and may be modified as needed. 

Textbook Website

Each student has been given a textbook to take home.  The textbook is a good resource with additional examples that will help when your child is having trouble or has been absent.  Go to and enter the webcode ate-0775 to get a video tutor.  There are also online quizzes and online homework help, the access codes are in their textbook.  I have given each student a sheet to keep in their journals with the necessary information to access the different sites.