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Assignments Week of 10-12

Monday:  Common Assessment for Unit 2

Tuesday:  Vocabulary for six weeks 2 and complete Common Assessment

Wednesday:  TVE Holiday

Thursday:  Slope as a Rate of Change - WS Can you see the slope

Friday:  Flex Day

Assignments week of 10-5-09

Monday 10-5:

Early out

TAKS practice:  Testy Taks 1 & 2

Tuesday 10-6:

Seeing Inequalities

Wednesday 10-7:

Equations and Inequalities with Consecutive Numbers

Thursday 10-8:

Solving Problems with Ratios

Friday 10-9:

Problem Solving with Proportions

Assignments Week of 10-19-09

Monday:  Making practice fun - ws on solving Inequalities

Tuesday:  Complete notes on how slope and intercept affect the graphs of linear equations

Wed:  Finding slope using the formula

Thursday:  Vocabulary Test

Friday:  Graphing Linear Equations

Assignments week of 10-23-09