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Timothy Thompson

Art Info

Welcome to world of Art!!  

Here is where your children can enter a place where their creativity and uniqueness can take them to a place beyond their imagination.  Art is a great place where kids can discover and exploit talents that they never knew existed in their heads. In art class, I will teach the children about art history, including the lives of famous artist and their works. We will learn about the elements of art, the color wheel, and other motifs. We will also do many projects that the kids will enjoy such as construction paper self-portraits, collages, working with modeling clay, using tempera and watercolor paints, pastels, and of course crayons, paper, markers, glue, and pencils.

If you want to learn more about art for children or art websites in general, here are a few listed below:



Welcome To The World Of Art!

My name is Tim Thompson and I am the Art Teacher at  Gaston Point Elementary and 28th Street Elementary. I love teaching art and watching the creativity of the children soar when they come and get engaged in the art class. It's exciting to see the artistic ability  of the children come out as they have a chance to escape, if only for a moment, the daily stressors of the classroom. Listed below, are a few websites that you and your children may enjoy together: