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Discovery Health Body Challenge

Receive Extra Credit when you research the Discovery Health website. Check out the site below and search areas that are of interest to you.  A one page hand-witten summary of your research is required for full extra credit.

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What about Fast Food?

Food Choice and Fitness 

Who is in control of your eating habits?  What sounds better, a crisp apple or an order of fries?  Change your eating habits for a longer and healthier life.  Check it out!  Use back key to exit out of Food Choice, closing site will exit out of browser


Help 4 Teen Problems

Do you go along with what everyone else is doing, or do you have a mind of your own?  This site will help you take a stand for what you believe is the right thing to do.  You are either a leader or a follower.  Are you making the right choices for yourself and your future?  Get important information on teen issues here.

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Weight Loss Help

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This site offers you lots of pie charts to help you evaluate your calories in and out.

This site helps you consider both nutritional and fitness goals.  It also lets you invite your friends to join you as you work to create a healthy life style.

A quick way to see how you like planning meals ahead of time

Lots of information here

WEB SEARCH - Extra Credit

Web Search

  1. Under the download files on the homepage there is an extra credit link titled Teen Fitness Curriculum. Open and follow the instructions.
  2. Open the Power Point: Choose My Plate.  Pick one slide and search out the link.  Free write a one page paper on something that interests you. 
  3. Research and find a health/fitness subject. Free write a one page paper on a subject that interests you.

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