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Injured Student Forms

On the Home Page under the tab there is a form for you to take to your doctor to assist both teacher and student in adapting physical activity in the case of injury or illness so the student can maintain their grade by self limiting. 

If a student is injured either in PE or outside of PE most doctors give them a generic note that says, "NO PE".  With this type of doctor note, the student is not allowed to actively participate in class.  Our PE injury form completed by the doctor gives us more flexibility to help the student move forward with their grade by keeping them as active as possible during their recovery.

FITNESS UNIT - Quarter lI 2016


A. CIRCUIT TRAINING - 1. Multiple station weight fitness circuits are set up, taught, and demonstrated for the students to understand and participate in resistance, cardio, and functional training. A wide variety of exercises, weighted and non-weighted, and stretching are included.

1. Students are put in groups of 6 and rotate around a 8 station/6 circuit activity. This encourages leadership skills and working together as a group as each student is given the opportunity to teach and assist others. Stations are timed and groups rotate to all circuits.  Cardio, exercises, computer activities, smart bikes, iPad apps, and resistance training are part of the circuits. 

C.  Introduction and implementation of Technology: Heart Rate Monitors, iPad Applications,  and the Tri Fit Machine.

D. Individual Student Fitness Program - the following information are the requirements for the student generated weight program at the end of the semester. Instruction during the first phase of the Fitness Unit is foundational for creating this program.

  1. Will be at least 30 minutes in length, may take more time but not less.
  2. Will include weighted exercises, non-weighted exercises, sstretching, and cardio exercises . Student may use those taught in class or those searched out in iPad Apps.
  3. Students will INCLUDE HEART RATE MONITORS at least once a week
  4. Student will write their own program in a rough draft which has been reviewed in class and demonstrated on the board: set x rep x weight.  This program MUST HAVE A GOAL LISTED AT THE TOP!
  5. Student will manage time within class period to complete their program for the remainder of the class sessions. They may change anything in their program over the next class days and keep a record on their rough draft sheet. 
  6. Heart Rate Monitors may be checked out through TAs and student must sync 15 minutes prior to end of class with TA

E.  Portfolio

  1. Students will be required to keep an inclass portfolio reflecting their learning


SMART BIKES - Extra Credit

SMART BIKES - Extra Credit

  • Those students who wish to earn extra credit for the Fitness Unit, may create a 40 Slide PowerPoint academic review with the subject matter from one of their academic classes at Clark.  The student creates one slide with a question and 3 or 4 multiple choice answers.  The next slide is a copy of the first with the answer highlighted/bold/larger font to make it stand out from the rest of the answers.  Repeat format throughout PowerPoint.  When designing your PowerPoint remember information is of first importance and presentation is second.  Do not use animations that take too much time, random slide transitions are okay.  Timing transition is most important, student must have time to read the first slide question and review answers (10 seconds) and the second slide identify the answer (8 seconds).  See an example in this website under the file tab from the home page.  Remember Education is the focus not Entertainment. 
  • PowerPoint extra credit can be sent as an attachment to Miss Thomsen's email at Clark: or saved on your GMail account.
  • DUE: All PowerPoints are due December 2.


2016 Fall Semester Final Exam

  • First half of final, students will reflect on their class learnings in their portfolio.  Information used will be from video analysis, individual volleyball graphs, teamwork graphs, and fitness program information.  Student will be prompted by teacher generated questions and a few paragraphs summerizing your learnings from the Tri Fit Quizes.
  • The second half of the final is activity where the student will apply individually and within a team and/or group setting the fitness room skills and proper technique learned in class during this semseter.
  • If you need modifications to the final because of injury or have an emergency and will not be able to take the final, speak with Miss Thomsen as soon as possible so we can adjust for your needs before the day of the final.

BASKETBALL - Quarter IIl 2017


  • Class meets in squads in the gym daily
  • Students will be required to keep up a portfolio during the basketball unit.
  • Classroom Guidelines available on download files link on homepage
  • Individual Skill & Wii BBSkill Review 
  • Teamwork & Sportsmanship -
  • Individual Skill Review, modified games, competition
  • Individual Fitness Circuit 

Portfolio - Basketball


Power Point explaination help under Home Page Files

Inside Cover - Student Picture

Page 1 - Basketball Fundamentals - Student written            DUE BY

Page 2 - Video Clip Photos of Student        DUE BY

Page 2b - Student written analysis of video photo clips - error detection and correction using written fundamentals        DUE BY

 Page 4 - Pie Graph/Shooting errors - written analysis of graph    DUE BY

 Page 5 - Teamwork and Individual  Graphs - critique both graphs     DUE BY 

Advanced Fitness Applications - Second Semester 2017

Fitness Power Point is available by clicking on Files Tab on Home Page.  Information on the Power Point is specific to grading policy activity.

  • Personal fitness program -  using the fitness program they created in the second Fall quarter, students will receive credit on their effort and participation to stay on task within their program
  • Reflective writing within student portfolio (4 entries)
  • iPad apps/technology - students create a program on their own using knowledge they gained in the fitness room first quarter, iPad Apps or other forms of technology available within the fitness room.  They may bring their smart phone to the fitness room and use it for their program and music, or use their portfolio to enter their workout program
  • BOOT CAMP - create or participation - see board in Fitness Room
  • "Smart Bike" - students are encouraged to create a Smart Bike Power Point for their workout academic 'enjoyment'.  Click on   within this site for more information on how to create and turn in.
  • Adopt a Freshman - Combination with the 9th grade class will enable the 10th grade students to instruct these underclassmen within fitness circuit as part of their grade
  • Train a Teacher - Ask a teacher if they would like to workout and help them with that process either during their prep/your PE class period, or during enrichment
  • Heart Rate Monitor recording - Throughout the quarter, all students should participate during class wearing a heart rate monitor as instructed.
  • Class Final will be reflecting your learnings within your portfolio on the day of the final.  See school calendar for those dates


  3. OWN PROGRAM Work Out 



2017 Spring Semester Final Exam

  • Final will consist of both written work and activity
  • All classes dress in PE clothes and meet in Auditeria
  • Students missing final will receive an Incomplete in the class to be made up in the Fall
  • FINALS SCHEDULE - available on calendar, in front office, or on Clark Website





  • Serve, forearm pass, overhead pass, setting, hitting, basic serve receive formation, and rules
  • Team Competition, Modified Games, Setter Competition

PORTFOLIO - written work

  • Key Learnings of Basic Fundamental Skills
  • Forearm pass video analysis
  • X BOX - KINECT - Beach Volleyball Competition assists in visualizing real life competition


  • Circuit Training:  Stationary bikes, weighted exercises, cardio
  • Smart Bike - Academic Power Point Reviews


  • All-Stars from each period will play in a class competition during enrichment.  All are welcomed to come and cheer on their teams/class period
  • Tournament results and teams will be posted on home page

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