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Intramurals at Clark Magnet High School are open to all Clark Students who do not compete at the other high schools.  Student who take a sport bus or compete in other sports are required to be in attendance at their home school and will not be allowed to play Intramurals at Clark as this program takes place during the Enrichment period of the day (2:20 - 3:00).

Intramurals are divided into Divisions according to grade level.  Students pick up a sign-up form in front of the girls' locker room during snack for the tournament that is taking place.  Tournaments usually coincide with what is happening in the real world of sports.  For instance our World Series Tournament (coed softball) begins in September and runs thourgh October during the MLB World Series.  The Super Bowl and March Madness Tournaments follow the same time frame. 

Click on the Intramural Website Link above for more information


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