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I love your site. It has been so rewarding watching my students take advantage of all the internet has to offer without having to search through garbage to find it. I started by writing the website address in the computer room and soon the entire school was using the links off my site. Thanks again!!

— Theresa Forster • View Website

First of all, THANK YOU so much for this site! You are providing the teachers and students with an amazing tool! I hate to even attempt to "complain" because everything is so great! I also love the way you've redone the site. Great job! :)

You all have done such an awesome job, and I am forever grateful to you, as are my students. I just want to reiterate how GREAT this site is! I have not only found it useful - I've found that all of us completely DEPEND upon it! You guys are brilliant! :) Thanks so much for channeling your creativity in a way that helps many.

Thanks again for the great job you're doing. Your hard work IS paying off - I'm sorry I didn't write in long ago to tell you so! I'll spread the word to my other teacher friends.

— Melissa O'Gara • View Website

I just wanted to let you know what I think of your site. It's excellent. Enough space to hold all the I want and, ESPECIALLY, it is so easy to use, that even the technically illiterate can do so with ease. Thanks for a fine website and service.

— Ed Brown • View Website

I just wanted you to know that I love your service.I've got nearly all the teachers at school on SchoolRack.

— Love, Ronna Williams • View Website

I just wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying using the website to keep in touch with parents of our nursery class.

I found out about it on the eTwinning website and also use the website to help keep others up-to-date with a project I am currently involved in.

I asked a question recently about the type of files I can upload. It was promptly and helpfully replied to. Thank you very much.

I am currently promoting regular use by the parents to establish a habit, so that my school will allow me to update to SchoolRack plus.

— Regards, Dorothy Ostacchini • View Website

I wanted to let you know how much I love your site! It's so easy to use and my parents (as well as kids) love it. It makes communication with my students' families a breeze! I've looked at several other website creators for teachers, but this is by far one of the best I've seen. The best part is that it's FREE! Considering I teach in a state ranked 48th lowest paying for teachers, so it's definitely a huge help. Thanks so much!!

— Jordan Shaff • View Website

Just to tell you how much your sight has enhanced the work I'm able to do with my students. It is an amazing asset!!!! Keep up the good work. I'm really excited about the enhanced possibilities coming along.

— Thanks again! Karen Brazill • View Website

I'm so impressed with your service...I rant and rave about it to everyone I run into! It's simple and perfect for my students and their parents. THANKS a bunch!

— Susan Howe of La Crescenta, CA • View Website

The process of creating my webpage was very simple, and my students and parents are using it as a convenient medium of contact between home and school. I am pleased all the way!

— Amy Jo Holcomb of Fulton, MS • View Website

Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I think your service is wonderful. I am from Ireland but teach in Philadelphia but recently I had to return to Ireland for 2 weeks and was able to keep my classes moving forward by posting the days work to my schoolrack website and the students kept moving forward in my absence. Because of SchoolRack.com, I was 3000 miles from my students but communicated via a SchoolRack.com website. Wonderful service and easy to use, even for the 'technologically challenged'!

— Mr. Lord of Havertown, PA • View Website

This is a wonderful tool in helping students and parents stay in communication. I tell any of the parents that they can look up the topic covered on a particular day from work and go home to their child and have a great conversation about it. Parents are telling me that they love that they can know if their child has homework or work that is due. This is really a fabulous gift to us teachers, a free website!!

Also, you should know that I've put in for a Professional Development Day to be used for me to do a workshop on how to use your site for my peers. I introduced your site to my Principal and Assistant Principal and they really love the idea. And so, I will hold a workshop, hopefully, and teach my peers how to set up a classroom site for themselves.

Also, I've had 100% positive feedback from my students parents and relatives. They love it!! Because the kids can't always explain things to their parents. Parents rely on their kids to get the right information about homework, reports, and projects. So, this is a major breakthrough in that needs area. Also, it is excellent to get kids and parents talking. Even if it is about school work. Families need that most of all; communication. Thank you very much!

— Mrs. Nieves of Staten Island, NY • View Website

This is such a marvelous way to stay in touch with students as well as parents! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

— Ms. Strickland of Brandywine, MD • View Website

I just started using your free service last week for my class web-site, and I'm VERY pleased with the ease of operation. You're just great!

— Danny Oswalt of Fulton, MS • View Website

Hi guys!I just wanted to say thank you for all you are doing to update the website. This is the first year I have used a website for my classes, and my parents are loving it. Thank you also for not charging us teacher anything to utilize the services. I so appreciate all you guys do and keep up the great work! Stop by my website and check it out for yourselves...I am so proud of it (I tell everyone about it)!

— Thanks again, Kristi Topping • View Website

I just wanted to compliment you all on your services. I love the format of the website and its ease of use. I am also impressed with your turnaround time on emails and the quality of your answers. Thank you all so much for a great service.

— Laura Carraher • View Website

I love your site. It has been so rewarding watching my students take advantage of all the internet has to offer without having to search threw garbage to find it. I started by writing the address in the computer room and soon the entire school was using the links off my site. Thanks again!

— Theresa Forster • View Website

I am the campus tech specialist and tech apps teacher at my high school. Part of my job is finding site user-friendly for teachers to use. I found your site last year, tested it and fell in love! I have passed it on to my friends and fellow teachers and the love is spreading. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your site.

— Melissa Luter of Hardin High School in Hardin, TX • View Website