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Discipline Plan for the Business Education Dept.

Classroom Rules:





  1. Arrive to class on time
  2. Have water/office, locker and other needs taken care of before class
  3. Arrive to class with the necessary supplies
  4. All assignments should be completed on time and on your own.
  1. Sleeping is not allowed in the classroom.
  2. Reading material that does not pertain to this class is prohibited.
  3. Markers should not be used unless it is necessary for a class assignment
  4. Talk only at appropriate times
  5. Remain in your seat until the bell rings
  6. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  7. Don’t interrupt conversations
  8. Don’t use belittling remarks toward others.
  1. Treat all equipment with care.


You are in the classroom to learn, make the most of it. 


If you choose to break a rule:


First Time:                  Warning

Second Time:             Conference

Third Time:                 Contact Parents

Fourth Time:               Office Visit

Severe Disruptions:     Student will be sent immediately to the office