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Using Comics to Teach Context Clues Back to All Pages »

Viewing Notes and Practice

Student Handout:  Viewing Notes and Practice

Students need a copy of this before they view "Professor Craig Uses Comic Books."  This handout provides the student with guiding questions for the video and an opportunity to put their new knowledge to use!


Context Comic Powerpoint

(select Read Only)

Display the powerpoint for your students.

Using what you know about the characters and the  story, determine the meaning of:






Good Luck!

Project: Creating a Context Comic

Project: Creating a Context Comic

This is a culminating project students will LOVE

Purpose:  Students will create a four panel comic which include four unfamiliar words.  Students will use the context of the dialogue and visuals to help the reader determine meaning. 

*Note:  You may one to allow the day before for students to plan.  Here is a Comic Planning Sheet for you to use.

Websites students will access for this project:

World-English: This site will provide the students will a list of advanced English words.

Toondoo:  Here students will create, save, and print their created comic.

Here is an example: