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Filename: STARRED UP
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Date: 6 days ago


Starred Up Online. Starred Up Download. Starred Up. Watch Starred Up Online. Watch Starred Up. Starred Up Torrent. Download Starred Up. Making review stars show up on Google requires just a few key tweaks of your settings. Make review stars show up on Google with help from an SEO copywriter and social media consultant in this free video clip.
I'm Gloria Rand, social media consultant, and in this video I'm going to show you how to make review stars show up on Google. The best way to get these review stars to show up on Google is to set up accounts on local directories and view sites like Yellow Pages, City Search, Nextag and Yelp. Once you create an account on these sites, ask your customers to post a review of your products or services on one or more of them. The more reviews you get the better off you'll be. A great way to make this easy for your customers is to include a link to these sites on your company's website. You can also create a free local business listing on Google to display reviews. However instead of stars, Google uses a numerical scoring system. Individual user scores are based on a zero to three point scale. Google averages all of the user reviews calculated on a thirty point score and displays the result on its search engine results page. And that's how you make review stars show up on Google. I'm Gloria Rand. Thanks for watching.
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