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Melissa O'Gara


  1. Imprimir esta página  y la página de "actividades de clase" para indicar que viste la información. Lleva las copias a la clase.  (Print this page and the page entitled "Actividades de clase" to indicate that you saw this information)
  2. Traer"clip-art" y fotos que te representa (y marcadores) a clase para crear tu diario.  (Bring clip art and photos that you associate with your personality and characteristics (and markers) to class to create your diary.
  3. Traer materiales a clase (20 punos - proyecto) ... Bring all class materials to class:  Notebook (set up with 6 dividers labeled in Spanish), the blue contract signed and filled out, the pink textbook form signed and filled out, your textbook (not covered), a blue or black pen, a green pen, and a highlighter.  Also bring your "hoja de informacion" if you did not turn it in during class on Thursday.  We will be creating the diary in class, so don't worry about bringing that (but do bring pictures etc. to decorate your diary covers)


  1. Escribir el esquema y buscar fotos para la presentación. (You need to use the papers I gave you with my slides on them.  Fill out the lines at the sides with your information that you will write into your powerpoint project.  You need to have a minimum of 11 "slides" filled out.  Use my slides to help you fill out information about yourself.  Be sure to follow the "content guidelines" on the project description sheet.


  1. Vocabularios - Lista bilingüe de 66 palabras (texto p. 25)
  2. Terminar/preparar su presentación
  3. Bring your textbook and ID cards - We'll be scanning your books on Tuesday


  1. MP (más práctica workbook) - p. 1-2 #1-6  (Use full sentences whenver the instructions tell you to do so)
  2. Terminar los proyectos (Students with odd class numbers present on Thursday ... come ready with your flashdrive.  There is no internet connection on the computers we use for the presentation, so do  not depend on the internet to pull up your powerpoint.  Also remember that the computers we use have powerpoint 2003, NOT 2007...make sure your project is compatible.  Also be sure to bring your rubric as I will be using it to grade your presentation)

NOTE:  You do NOT need to bring your textbook to class on Thursday, but you do need your notebook and your MP workbook.


  1. Texto p. 8 #6 (inglés/español)  Write the sentences in Spanish and in English (youon't have to draw theperson)


  1. Vocabulario - lista de "Etapa Preliminar"  (Usa los dos colores y estudia el vocabulario)  Prueba el viernes


  1. Prueba de práctica
  2. Estudiar para la prueba sobre saludos, cosas de la clas, gustar y los adjetivos


  1. Estdudiar para la prueba (postponed until Tuesday, Sept. 29)
  2. MP p. 4 #10-12
  3. En otra hoja de papel (on a separate sheet of lined paper), traduce todo al inglés (translate all sentences from the three activities to English)


  1. Terminar el proyecto del monstruo (It must be ready when you walk in on Thursday... You may want to email all writing to the editor who would then email the final draft to the artist who would draw all and write in the writers' parts)
  2. Terminar los 3 crucigramas (15 pts)
  3. Traer a clase una foto de ti (bring in a photo of yourself that you can write a lot about.  If you need to bring in a copy of the photo, that is fine too)