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Melissa O'Gara


  1. Prueba de práctica sobre ser vs. estar
  2. Estudiar para la prueba sobre ser vs. estar (Quiz on Monday!)
  3. Gradesheet (with signature and comment) (20 pts. proyecto)


  1. MP p. 5 #13+15 (create good, interesting questions for #15)
  2. Texto p. 14 #15 (escribe todo... write both question AND a full, complete answer to each question)


  1. MP p. 6 #16+18
  2. Texto p. 15 #18-19 (Write the quote and the time for exercise 18; be sure to include AM/PM and the day(s) on which each event occurs in exercise 19)


  1. Prueba de práctica sobre los interrogativos, la hora, y ser vs. estar
  2. Estudiar para la prueba (prueba #3 el martes)


  1. MP p. 7 #19-21
  2. En otra hoja de papel, traduce todo al inglés (You only need to write the English translatin on the separate sheet of paper)


  1. MP P. 9 #25-27
  2. Vocabulario - Lista bilingüe de 51 verbos radicales (be sure to number down left and middle.  Use green pen to fill in with any you don't know)
  3. Terminar la práctica de los apuntes


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