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Program Description

Marketing Management Technology is a program that provides instruction in marketing skills and related sales operations in retailing. The program provides a foundation of skills and knowledge related to basic principles of marketing and related economic fundamentals, management, merchandising, communications and career development, human relations, ethics, and etiquette. During the second year, instruction is also provided on specialized topics related to fashion, international marketing, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, financial marketing/stock market, sports and special events marketing, and hospitality and tourism marketing. 





Marketing I Course Outline

Unit 1   Orientation

School handbook, program policies, educational and occupational opportunities, leadership opportunities in DECA, safety

Unit 2   Communications & Career Development                   

Verbal and nonverbal communication, job leads, cover letter, resume, application form, interview, follow up letter, letter of resignation

Unit 3   Marketing & Economic Fundamentals

Marketing functions, marketing concept, production activities, channels of distribution, factors of production, utility, market segmentation Economic systems, supply and demand, competition, business ownership, profit motive

Unit 4   Sales, Promotion, & Visual Merchandising  

 Goals of selling, feature benefit selling, sources of product information, customer buying motives, the selling process, mechanics of closing a sale (cash registers, sales tickets) Promotional mix, forms of advertising media, ad layout, ad budgets Elements of visual merchandising, prepare a display

Unit 5   Math & Credit      

Wages, commission, overtime, discounts, bank statement, c's of credit                         

Unit 6   Merchandising & Inventory Control                              

Stock handling process, inventory management, pricing techniques, mark up

Unit 7   Human Relations, Ethics, & Etiquette                   

Interpersonal skills, personal/business ethics, social and legal responsibilities, volunteerism, business etiquette


Unit 8   E-Commerce, Internet, & the Computer  


Importance of computers in business, types of computer systems that affect marketing, computer graphics, webpage design's relationship to marketing


Marketing II Course Outline

Unit 1   Orientation                                  

Review of School handbook, program policies, educational and occupational opportunities, leadership opportunities in DECA, safety

Unit 2   Entrepreneurship            

Factors to consider when becoming an entrepreneur, methods of financing, writing a business plan, promoting a small business, understanding financial statements of a business

Unit 3   Business Security and Store Layout              

Security problems in business, fraud, security devices, creating a positive store environment and image

Unit 4   Applied Management                                     

Levels of management in vertical and horizontal organizations, functions of management, modern leadership and supervisory challenges (diversity, technology, TQM), leadership styles, decision making process

Unit 5   Fashion Marketing                                                      

Basic concepts of fashion marketing (terms, phases, types of fashion retailers, classifications), principles of design, natural and synthetic fibers, fashion trends, fashion centers and designers, fashion marketing careers

Unit 6   Hospitality and Tourism Marketing                                 

Lodging, transportation, and food service industries, economic and cultural impact of tourism, use maps to identify time zones, continents, oceans, major tourist attractions, currency exchange, visas/passports, security issues, health regulations

Unit 7   International Marketing                                               

Benefits, relationship of MS to international trade, trade surplus/trade deficit, trade barriers, trade agreements, special considerations such as cultural, economic, political and legal, and technological factors

Unit 8   Sports & Entertainment Mkt               

Importance of sports, special events, and entertainment industries, role of  public relations/publicity in each, role of agents and personal managers, legal issues, licensing and copyright lows, sponsorships

Unit 9   Financial Marketing/Stock Market                               

Corporate fundraising, buying securities, stock trade, security exchange systems



Classroom Management Plan

The 3 R's of Marketing RULES

1.      RESPECT – for others, their property, and all school rules

2.      READY – eager and prepared to learn and participate each day

3.      RESPONSIBLE – when using supplies, making decisions, completing work


The 3 R's of Marketing REWARDS

1.   RESPECT – from classmates and instructor

2.   REVELRY – special activities, music, end of semester party, etc.

3.   RECOGNITION – school news, newspaper, DECA newsletter, parent contact


The 3 R's of Marketing RETRIBUTION

1.      REBUKE - verbal warning

2.      REPRISAL – break detention, loss of privileges, etc.

3.      RALLY – conference with Parents, then Assistant Principal and/or Principal


Parent/Student/Teacher Contract

I have read and understand the Marketing Classroom Procedures and Classroom Management Plan. I promise to follow these regulations and fulfill my obligations in the classroom.  At anytime during this school year I am having a problem with any aspect of the Marketing class, I will contact the instructor to determine a plan for improvement.

Student ____________________________

Student E-Mail_______________________________

Parent _____________________________

Parent E-Mail _______________________________

I promise to provide the students with instruction in Marketing according to the Mississippi curriculum supplemented with enjoyable and educational activities/projects in an atmosphere conducive to learning.


Instructor    Sandy Prestage           E-Mail

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