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How to Hunt for a New Job While Still Employed

Feeling overwhelmed about your job is not uncommon, especially due to factors such as a heavy workload, being new to a job, and others that are just temporary. However, it is possible to find yourself in a situation where you are not happy with your current job because of various reasons such as inadequate pay, unfavourable working conditions, or any other reason that might make you dread waking up every morning to go to work. When you have reached such a point in your career, you have two options tough it up and hope that things might get better in the future, or admit to yourself that you are in the wrong job, discussed in the Sphere Digital Blog, and start searching for a new job.

How to secure a new job

If you have finally admitted that you are in the wrong job and there are very low chances of things getting better in the future, the only option you have is to start looking for a new job. While doing this, you have two options - resign and start searching for another job or look for alternative positions while you are still employed. While resigning might seem like the most ethical option, you should not that the job market is very competitive, and as such, it can be quite hard to secure another job. Therefore, for the sake of financial stability, it is better that you start looking for alternative opportunities while still holding on to the current job. However, when doing so, you should conduct yourself in a very professional manner to avoid losing your current job and damaging your reputation for future employers.

Below is a look at tips on how you can search for a new job while you are still employed without the risk of losing both opportunities – the current and the prospective job.

1. Avoid divulging details of your job search

You might not be comfortable with hiding your intentions to leave your current job, but it might be necessary to do so in order to avoid getting fired. Therefore, when you are seeking a new job, your search should be a closely guarded secret that you should only tell to a select few people you can trust – loyal friends and family members, and only if you have to. This will help to ensure that you have a backup plan (your current job), in case you are unable to find a better alternative out in the market.

2. Do not use job resources to hunt for a new job

Another important secret to finding a new job is to never use the company’s resources to search for a new job, as this is a sure way of exposing your secret to the company, which will most likely cause you to be fired. In addition, using the company’s resources to find a new job is unethical and your employer can use this to give you a bad reference, thus ruining your professional reputation.

When you are searching for a job, you should also do so on your own time, and not during the work hours. Therefore, if you have to respond to job adverts, drop resumes, or attend interviews, you should do it on your own time – before and after work, during lunch breaks, on weekends, or during off days.

3. Maintain a high work standard

Another secret to securing a new job while you are still employed is to make sure that you maintain a high work standard. This will prevent anyone in the office from becoming suspicious of your intent to leave, thus helping to secure your current job until you are ready to leave. In addition, maintaining a high work standard when you are preparing to leave your current job is a very professional thing to do, which can help you to get a good reference as well as the admiration of any prospective employers.

4. Discretely leverage the social media

According to, Social media is one of the most helpful tools which can help you to find a great job. When you are searching for a job, you can use social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to receive updates of various job openings. You can also use social media to network and engage with potential employers as well as other people in the industry who can help you land a good job. However, when you are using social media to find a new job while still employed, you should proceed with a lot of caution to avoid tipping off your current employer that you are leaving. This means that your search has to be very covert – no public posting of your resume or updating your intent on your social media profile.

5. Use the services of a recruitment company

One of the best ways of landing a good job while you are still employed is to use the services of a reliable recruitment company such as Sphere in London. By working with a recruitment company, you can be able to provide them with your resume, which will relieve you the burden of having to find a new job by yourself. Recruitment companies are very accommodating, and they can be able to help you search for a new job covertly without tipping off your current employer.

In addition, using a recruiting agency/company gives you access to many job opportunities (many of which are listed at, which range from digital marketing jobs to media jobs, programming, and several others depending on your qualifications. You can also provide the recruitment company you are using with your job wish list - amount of pay, work environment, working hours flexibility, benefits, etc. - thus ensuring that you land the perfect job

6. Leave your current job in a professional manner

After you have finally secured a job, the only thing remaining for you is to leave your current job and start your new career. When doing so, you might be tempted to just up and leave (or something more inappropriate), especially if you did not have a good working relationship with your boss or colleagues. However, you should refrain from such actions, and act in the most professional manner. This means giving your boss an appropriate notice, avoid criticising your current job, and giving everyone a pleasant farewell.


If you are unhappy with your current job position, you do not have to continue suffering every day. However, when you decide to start hunting for a new job, you should realise that it might take a lot of time to find a good job, which might leave you in a financial awkward position if you resign or get fired before you are ready to leave. Therefore, you should use the above tips to covertly search for a new job, while maintaining professional and cordial relationship with your current employer.