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This is Just to Say

This is Just to Say

I'm sorry for hurting your feelings,
see I'm not always this harsh
I just let stuff build up inside me
until you did what you did.

You didn't have to say what you said,
or spread what you spread.
You are the one who destroyed this
friendship, not I.

I'm sorry you feel this way about me,
I'm sorry but noone is perfect,
I'm sorry you hate me with a passion,
I'm sorry, but it's your loss not mine.

I'm not the backstabber, I'm sorry but
I really am not. I believed in you.
I cared for you, I gave you my trust,
honesty and much more. Most importantly,
I gave you my friendship, which you betrayed.

You broke this heart of mine, friendship, trust and all.
See, you were my best friend, I thought, til' the end.
Friends last forever, but with you it will last never.
I'm sorry that I apologized for your mistakes,
I'm sorry I shared my life with you, I'm sorry
we met.  I'm sorry you can't live a real life,
instead of being fake.

I hate the new you, and I miss the old.
My apologies come from the heart.

-I'm sorry