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There Was A Child Went Forth

There was a Child Went Forth

There was a child went forth from
a brunette 19 year old mom,
And into the world this child began growing
And discovering the unique arts
And creations of the world.

The childish cartoon adventures became
a part of her.
And the ABC song became what
her voice chanted every day.
And her imagination began forming
more outside of the box than

School became a scary part of this
child's life
And everyday the fear of new
people and strange old women
only allowing 30 minutes of play time.

Discovering new features became
part of her.
And wearing pretty clothes were
very important to herself esteem.
And wearing makeup brought out,
to her, a physical beauty.

Music became the best part
of this child
And band made learning music
a beautiful experience to her,
the making of each note
interpreting the passion of the
piece of music brought out
this child's heart.

A split family became a part
of this child's life at age five.
And moving schools exploded
huge feelings towards her

High school is now a part of
this young woman's life.
And she attends the best high school ever,
Itawamba Agricultural High School.
And she will be a graduate of 2008.