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Homage To My Eyes & Music Shape Poem

Homage To My Eyes

Big and round
these hazel eyes are full of
surprise. Staring a hole through
haters-these eyes stand still.
Behind these hazel eyes there
is sensitivity and compassion.
They are full of life and many
colors- oranges, greens, blues,
and browns. They show love
and emotion. They conquer every smile
and all beauty, my
big hazel eyes.


-This is what it says inside of my shape poem.

                   Music Notes

scale is played
in minor or major
at a slow or fast speed
at metzo piano or metzo
forte. Bold music is loud, emotional,
and majestic. Notes spread across a page
with flutes and clarinets fluttering, strong
low brass, jazzy trumpets and saxophones,
soft french horns, and booming percussion
come together to interpret crescendoing, and 
decrescendoing releases, exstatic solos. the music
is intense with passion and feeling, melodic symphonies,
concerts, competing to the be the best. Knowing the pieces
and playing together, fills each heart with warm beautiful 
music notes..