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Down beat of the foot
Racing of the heart at the passion
Unbreaking and true sound of each horn
Masterminded each note a member interprets
Commanded by the skilled Drum Major
Orderly professioned guard members
Returning home after summer has ended
Passing each day with hardwork
Straight back-  perfect posture
Inducing each posture and movement with ease
Never giving up- thats just not what they do
They wait anxiously for the perfect score
Enhancing the talents of each player
Raising audiences to their feet across the states
Not forgetting the feeling of an awesome performance
Attendence to each rehearsal is require and intense
Traveling across the U.S. in a charter bus
Indifferent to other corps' shows
Outstanding each performance
Never misinterpreting the music and drill.
Attitude is everything
Losing is not an option in their minds.