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About Me...

First of all, my name is Erica Nicole Logan , I love being with my friends..and talking lol

I am from the small town with big potential of Fulton, Mississippi.

I really like someone Smiley

I am currently 16, and am a junior at Itawamba Agricultural High School .

I am a proud member of the trumpet line in the Pride of Itawamba Marching Band

I have long naturally curly brown hair with blonde highlights.
I have the best of friends, these people are most important to me, MANDA (she's a hott mama and keeps me sane), KRISTIN(her nose is soo cute, and i love her to death), AUDREY(her beautiful teeth and smile make me all jittery), ASHLEYB(shes got my heart in the palm of her hands and shes a sexy drum major), I love them all I just can't live without them!
I am a screw up and my life sucks...

I have big hazel eyes, that will stare a hole through haters.

I love to grow in love.

I love to cuddle.

I love to sing, dance, and listen to music. I love to read books.
I love to drive around town acting crazy.I love to run around walmart with thongs and granny panties on my head.

I dont like stupid people who are so conceited and full of themselves. I dislike people who are so judgemental, and I don't like it when people let what other people say form their opinions about that person. I hate it when people make up stuff about people. I hate it when someone tries to correct my grammar, I know how to use good grammar, but I just choose not to use it correctly, I also think that correcting other peoples grammar is rude, and heartless. I love being with my friends. I love baking brownies, and spooning whats left in the bowl of brownie mix.

I love cooking.

I love small romantic dates. I love long walks in the rain. I love to dance in the rain.

I love to walk on the beach in Hawaii. We own the Evergreen Clinic. We own a condo in Hawaii. There is an elevator in my house.

I love singing loud and way off key.

I love my bestest friend Laura Poo Loo.

I love taking pictures, of everything.

I have a big heart.

I would love to be in a long, serious, romantic, heart to heart relationship.

I believe in fate. I have faith in true love. I hate to be decieved, it tears my world apart, some people think bad of me, but I can't let what other people say about me let me down. I can be really romantic. I love to speak what I feel. Don't hate me you will just be miserable. I have a kitten named Mew.

I am in love with my trumpet

I have a baby brother, named Alex, he is 14. He means the world to me, he keeps me sane when things are all wrong in life, he annoys me enough to keep me healthy, I love my baby brother!

Maybe my prince charming will get unlost....maybe he's right in front of me...
I love to show feelings, I'm very very emotional, and I have a big tender heart. I tend to love easily, and make many best friends, I love to talk.. Smiley