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We will be using technology frequently in ELA this year. Students will be held to high expectations regarding their use of technology. iPads should be placed inside desks or off to the side with their covers closed unless instructed otherwise. When iPads are open, they should only be used as instructed.

Students are using a free flash card app to study in class and play games with each other using the vocabulary of the week. The value of using the app is that students will have their words in one place, easily accessible to study during midterms and finals. 

Students will be submitting some work digitally, sometimes in Google Classroom. Students must use their new St. Mary School Google accounts to complete this work. Under no circumstances should a student post an individual "announcement" on Google Classroom or reply to another student's post unless instructed to do so by the teacher. In addition, all posts should be school appropriate and related to the assignment. Off topic posts will be removed. Misuse of Google Classroom will result in loss of posting privileges.

Students will use their St. Mary School Google accounts for school use only.  Parents may email questions on their children's behalf and send in student work to my email.

Since Google Classroom is a new product (it just launched in schools last year), currently there is no parental access option. Parents are able to sign on using their child's login information in order to keep informed of what's happening in class.

Homework will only be posted on SchoolRack.