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6th Grade ELA HW

Students will bring in a prop to represent their biography person. They will do a short presentation in school telling the most important things and interesting things that they learned about that person. 

Tuesday presentations by Gianni, Paloma, Anna, Alex, Nick, Jack, and Eli.

* We did not have time to do this today so we will do this Tuesday!***I will go over the summer assignment with the 6th graders. They will use the biography book that they read and then make the same assignment for that book. It will be a good example for them to know how to do the summer book assignment for September.  THIS IS ALL DONE IN SCHOOL. 

I will send parents a pdf file of the Middle School Summer Assignment by the end of the week. There is also St. Mary Summer Reading. That is a school-wide reading request. The PDF file I will send you is a middle school assignment.




Tuesday 6/6

Literature - This is a reading comprehension assessment. No need to study. 

Thursday, 6.8  

Vocabulary Final for Grade 6 is the Unit Tests for Units 6 and 7. (60 words)

Grammar Final - Use Study Guide and front of English Book itemized list from our review sessions. Also, make a 3x5 index card of terms and rules that you want to use as a reference 

SchoolRack has not been working this week. Sorry for any inconvenience.


6/6 Literature 

6/8 Grammar/ Vocab 

For Grammar Exam only: Students are allowed to bring a 3x5 index card with one side of writing that has any grammar notes they want to bring to the exam. 

 Homework Week of May 22

VOCAB- Word Wisdom 7.3 Friday Quiz 

WRITING: Writing Prompt Final will be on 5/24. There is nothing you need to do to study. Get a good night's sleep and be ready to write.

You can use the worksheets on paragraph construction and different types of paragraphs to remind you of what is expected of you.

LITERATURE   Finish your biography by May 25th  Further instruction of what we will do with the book will come after Memorial Day.

Vocabulary Final for Grade 6 is the Unit Tests for Units 6 and 7. 

Use section 4 of each unit as your review of the words.