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Smash Season 2 Episode 13 Putlocker Video Online

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Episode Name: The Producers

Air date: 4/27/2013

Summary: An off-the-rail Jimmy threatens "Hit List's" future, as Karen, Derek, Ana and Kyle try to help him before something bad happens. Tom and Julia's partnership is strained to the breaking point just as Ivy, Eileen, and the entire "Bombshell" team are running themselves ragged to outshine the competition.

The long-awaited Broadway opening of “Bombshell,” a musical about the life of Marilyn Monroe, seems to signal the beginning of the end of several relationships between main characters on “Smash,” on NBC.

The latest episode starts on the night before the opening, with Ivy Lynn (Megan Hilty) feeling fairly confident about playing Marilyn and swearing not to read or listen to early buzz about the show.


She breaks that vow rather quickly, as she checks out websites and overhears comments from preview theatergoers. Surprisingly, it is her unsupportive mother (Bernadette Peters), playing Marilyn’s mother in the show, who reassures her just before the curtain opens.


Meanwhile, “Bombshell” creators Julia Houston (Debra Messing), book writer and lyricist, and Tom Levitt (Christian Borle), composer and the new director, have been tossing around ideas for their next project, which Julia wants to announce at the opening-night party.


Tom meets a producer for drinks and gets an unexpected offer to direct a Broadway revival of the musical “City of Angels” next season as long as the New York Times review for “Bombshell” is good. That prompts him to put off Julia–without telling her why, even when she tells him that they could get the rights to turn “The Great Gatsby” into a musical as they have dreamed of doing since they met.

Guest star (and Broadway actress and TV talk show host) Rosie O’Donnell, sitting behind Julia at the opening, drops a bombshell of her own when she tells Julia that she can’t wait to see Tom’s work on “City of Angels.”


When Julia confronts Tom about his plans, he tells her that his priority is directing, though he wants to write another show with her at some point.


Downtown, the cast of the off-Broadway musical “Hit List” learns that the show’s entire run is sold out and that they have all been invited to the “Bombshell” opening.


Karen Cartwright (Katharine McPhee), who gave up the Marilyn role to join the “Hit List” cast, tells her off-again boyfriend Jimmy Collins (Jeremy Jordan) that she doesn’t want to go to the opening, comparing it to the wedding of an ex.


Karen’s roommate, Ana Vargas (Krysta Rodriguez), has been hanging out with Adam, who turns out to be Jimmy’s brother, and she tells Karen what she has learned about their past.


Karen, who does show up at the “Bombshell” opening, gives Jimmy only the minutes before the curtain rises to tell her the truth, which he has been keeping from her for weeks. His story: his father beat Jimmy and his mother, then his mother died, and he and Adam dealt drugs to survive. He left that life when he met Kyle Bishop (Andy Mientus), his roommate and co-creator of “Hit List,” and has become a good person since he met Karen.