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Jan. 14-18

Jan. 14:  Do pg. 213, numbers 1-3.

Jan. 16:  Do pg. 213.  Finish #1 and then do questions 4-6.

Jan. 18:  Checked assignment.  Watched video, The Living Constitution.  10 question quiz over video.  Chapter test will be Wednesday.  Open Response:  Deals with the 3 branches of government, their functions, and checks and balances.

Jan. 28-Feb. 1

Jan. 28 - Created study guide over A More Perfect Union to review for test on Wednesday.  Copy can be downloaded on this webpage where it says download files.

Jan, 29 - Reviewed for test tomorrow using MindJogger VideoQuiz.  These questions will be on the test.

Jan. 30 - Test over A More Perfect Union.  Took up foldables.  Homework:  Define Preamble, amendment, Bill of Rights, and income tax.

Jan. 31 - Create foldable on Citizenship.  Added notes under 6 Goals of the Constitution.

Feb. 1 - Added new cards on Major Principles.

Feb. 4-22

Feb. 4 - Add notes on the Goals of the Constitution to the Citizenship foldable.  Taken from pages 217-218.

Feb. 5 - View video, Almost Painless Guide To the US Constitution.  Quiz afterwards.  Those that were absent for quiz should write a i/2 page summary over the Goals of the Constitution.

Feb. 6 - Discuss the 7 Major Principles of the Constitution, describe how the federal system works, and explain how the Constitution is amended.  Put notes on these items from pages 218 to 222 in foldable.

Feb. 11 - Discuss how the Consitution is amended.  Describe the legislative branch.  Video.  Pg. 222, #5

Feb. 12 - Check 222.   View and  Fill in blanks from worksheet found on

Feb. 19Discuss the roles & responsibilities of Senate.  Answer 3 questions on Truman Library website.

Feb. 20 - Discuss how Courts/Congress & President/Congress keep the balance.  Complete worksheet.

Feb. 21 - Discuss how a bill becomes a law.  Check homework.  8B:  Do the rest of the worksheets on 3 branches of government.  8A:  Do the rest of the first page of the worksheet on 3 branches of government.

Feb. 22 - Complete chart on balance of government.

Feb. 25-Mar. 7

Feb. 25 - Brain Pop Quiz over Branches of government.  Discuss 2000 presidential election (electoral college vs. popular vote) and Supreme Court judicial review.

Feb. 26 - Put notes in foldable on landmark decisions made by the Supreme Court.  Quiz over Supreme Court on Brain Pop.

Mar. 3 - Brain Pop & Quiz over Brown vs. Board of Education.  Put notes in foldable on the legal duties and responsibilities of citizenship.

Mar. 4 - Continues with duties and responsibilities.  8B-Made foldable book for 27 Amendments (1st 10- Bill of Rights).  Added 1st Amendment and discussion notes.

Mar. 5 - 8A - Made foldable book for 27 Amendments (1st 10- Bill of Rights).  Added 1st Amendment and discussion notes.

Mar. 6 - Discussed 2-5 Amendments and added notes to foldable.  Brain pop quiz over Miranda rights.

Mar. 7 - Interpret the meanings of amendments 6-10 and add notes to foldable.  Do open resonse from textbook page KY25(located in the front of the book-subject is about making amendments).  It is due next Wednesday, Mar 12.  Don't forget to do a t-chart.

Mar. 10-14

Mar. 10 - Brain Pop on Bill of Rights and quiz.  Discuss amendments 11-14.  Put notes in foldable.  Don't forget to do open response KY25.

Mar. 11 - Discuss amendments 15-27.  Add notes to foldable.  Brain pop, Women's Suffrage.

Mar. 12 - Define government and civics words.  These words can be found on this site by going to the homepage screen.  Click in download files.  Turn in open response tomorrow.  I was in computer training today so I can't get them until tomorrow to grade.

Mar. 13 - Told students to have the first 15 definitions done for tomorrow.  Some complained that the words were not in the text.  Most CAN be found in the book.  They might not be in the index or glossary.  Instead they can be found within the text of the book.  These are words that are within the core content in which CATS questions are made.  

I took up the open response that was assigned last FRIDAY.  Only one student in the first class and very few in the second class had it complete!!! That was so disappointing Frown  It MUST be turned in tomorrow.  Students have been told if it isn't finished they will complete them in AEP. 

Mar. 14 - Took up open response.  Went over first 15 definitions.  Assigned next 15 definitions.  Discussed classifications of government.


Mar. 24 -Apr. 4

Mar. 24 - Checked definitions 16-30.  Do rest of defintions as homework.  Started new foldable.  Brain Pop quiz over the US Constitution.

Mar. 25 - Completed foldable over A New Nation.  Sections were titled federal governemnt, new challenges, first political parties, and John Adams.  Notes came from this chapter.

Mar. 26 - Do foldable on page 277 and label it as shown.  Read sections in chapter ( 277-290) that pertain to the topics on foldable.  Put important information on the foldable.

May 27 - Physical activity in gym.

MAY 28 - Continue with foldable as above, pgs. 290-296.

May 31 - Continue with foldable, 296-301.  Do t-chart on open response KY22.  Final draft due on Wednesday.  Took with three foldables and defintions.  9 weeks ending next Monday!!!

Apr. 1 - Create new foldable and add new notes on the discussion on the Era of Good Feelings and the Industrial revolution.

Apr. 2 - Industrial Revolution in the US.  Brain Pop.  Lowell Textile Mill - 1st factory system in US

Apr. 3 - Transportation improvements of the early 1800s and sectional differences during the 1820s.

Apr. 4 - Discuss Monroe doctrine and Andrew Jackson.

Apr. 7 - 11

Apr.7 - Made new foldable and added notes in it over discussion of Manifest Destiny, Andrew Jackson and the US Bank, and problems between American settles in Texas and Mexico.  Today was last day of 9 weeks....reports cards will be out Friday.  Have you turned in ALL of your foldables?

Apr. 8 - Discussed the Battle of the Alamo and the admission of Texas, California, and Utah as states.  Put notes in foldable.

Apr. 9 -  Take up foldable worth 33 points.  New foldable (fold once hot dog or hamburger style) titled North and South Before the Civil War.  Discussed how advances in technology shaped the economy of the North, how working conditions in industries changed, and why the economy of the South relied on agriculture.

Apr. 10 -  Described what life was like on Southern plantations.  Took up foldable worth 33 points.

Apr. 11 -  Created 3 section foldable.  Discussed the Age of Reform– Utopian communities, temperance, education, abolition.

Apr. 14-18

Apr. 15 - Discussed the Age of Reform.  Began new foldable with 3 sections.

Apr. 16 - Discussed the events leading up to the Civil War (Compromise of 1850, Fugitive Slave Act, Bleeding Kansas).  Create new foldable according to directions on page 435.  Took up Reform foldable.

Apr.17 - Topics today:  8A - Dred Scott decision, Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Election of 1860,  Fort Sumter.  8B - Fort Sumter, The Civil war.  Video:  Causes of the Civil War.  Took up foldable Road to the Civil War.

Apr. 18 - Brain Pop:  Causes of the Civil War.  Compare the war aims of the North and South.

Apr. 19 - Discuss battles of the Civil War up to the Emancipation Proclamation

May 12 - 16

May 12 - Do pg. 503

May 13 - Checked homework.  Read part of section 2.  Watched video on Reconstruction.

May 14 - Do questions on page 508.

May 15 -

May 16 -

May 27 - 30

May 27 -

May 28 -

May 29 -

May 30 -