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first nine weeks

Rules and Procedures       Welcome to English I! Please share your Rules and Procedures with your parents or guardians and returned your copy to me signed.  If you have lost your copy, you can click the underlined link above to print a new one.


we will spend part of the week getting to know each other and establishing the class tone.

Parts of Speech                                                                                                                                                        Targets:                                                                                                                                                                            1.  I can identify the eight parts of speech.                                                                                                   2.  I can identify the function of the eight parts of speech.

We will do a quick review over the 8 parts of speech.  You may review the PowerPoint if necessary:  Grammar Made Simple   The sentence handouts used in class are embedded in the powerpoint. 



Go to the Discussion Icon for the current Seminar Question.  You should write a short paragraph discussing your opinion of the topic.  Then, read other discussions from your block class.  You should respond to at least one comment from a classmate.  To do this, you can go back to the Discussion Icon.  It will list the member's posts.  You can comment from there...

"Grammar is a piano I play by ear. All I know about grammar is its power."     Joan Didion



Phrase Test Practice-  see this handout from class.

 Phrase PowerPoint-  this may help you if you do not understand.


  • I can identify phrases.
  • I can identify prepostional phrases.
  • I can classify functions of prepositional phrases.
  • I can identify appostive phrases.
  • I can identify gerund phrases.
  • I can identify infinitive phrases.
  • I can identify participial phrases.
  • I can distinguish between verbal phrases (gerunds, participles, and infinitives.)
  • I can punctuate phrases.

Class work includes various lessons from the textbook. 



This unit focuses on the differences between Fiction and Nonfiction. See the Unit plan:  Unit 1 Plan

 Theme vs. Central Idea (p. 4-17) PowerPoint:  Central Ideas in Nonfiction Po    Guided Notes:    Central Ideas notes

The Big Question:  Can truth change?  You will explore this question throughout the unit, and will consider the answer before and after each selection you read in this unit.


  1. I can determine a central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of a text.
  2. I can determine themes in fiction.
  3.  I can come to discussions prepared.
  4. I can make predictions about a text.
  5. I can acquire and use Academic Vocabulary.
  6. I can use context to determine definitions and expand my working vocabulary.

Big Question vocabulary- page 3.  These words are the first 8 of the academic vocabulary you will be utilizing. 

The Washwoman (p. 24)

Wrote about the Big Question (24), selection vocabulary, read the story, did Anticipation Guide, Predictions handout, Analyzing Narrative Essay, and discussed the value of our Elders.  Defined and discussed Anecdote.

The Cask of Amontillado (58)

Who is Poe?  Poe notes PowerPoint

Selection Vocabulary (focusing on Analogies), discussed The Big Question, listened to the story on

Montressor's Revenge- What lead to Montressor's need for revenge?  What techniques did M use to lure Fortunato to his catacombs?  Discuss the plan- what steps had to occur for it to fall into place?  Character of the two men.  Theme.

Responding to the story:  Retelling the story (handout) Listen/view one of the following:  Cask of Amontillado song                                             Cask of Amontillado version 2




ESSAY:  You will write a Personal Narrative based on an event that has affected you in your life.  It may be something big and personal or something that affected you at one point in your life.  The narrative should be first person.  You will follow the writing process-  all parts of the paper will be handed in with the final draft.  I will be taking up your rough draft before fall break.  You may email it to me at