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Download RIO 2 (2014)


Filename: RIO 2
Size: 499.64 MB
Date: 4 days ago
Tags: games, pc, windows


Watch Rio 2 Online. Rio 2. Rio 2 Download. Rio 2 Online. Download Rio 2. Watch Rio 2. Rio 2 Torrent. .410 Bore, RIO, 2 1/2", #12 Lead Shot, 1/2 Ounce, 25 Round Box, 1200 fps.
Rio® ammunition is a high quality Sporting Ammunition made in Spain. #12 Shot, 1650 pellets per 1/2 ounce load yields extremely dense patterns and is a favorite for varmint and pest control in urban areas at short to medium ranges. Due to the light weight of the individual pellets, these loads do not carry long range. Not for skeet use.
2 1/2" shells for use in all .410 shotguns and handguns.
Non-returnable item.
Non-returnable item. We will not accept any returns on this item.
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Good Stuff!
I have been quite impressed with this ammo. The large number of very small #12 shot do the job on unwanted European Starlings and English Sparrows out to 20 or so yards, and I do not have to worry about doing a lot of damage to trees or plants that might be in the line of fire. At 50 yards the pellets only slightly dent cardboard. In a only a week or so I cut the starling and sparrow population down to almost zero and also cut the cost of buying bird feed for the many species of birds I do wish to have around the house. I almost miss the challenge now that the unwanted pests are gone. For a while it was a lot like sporting clays in my back yard.
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I used this in a new Mossberg HS410 today. All shells feed and ejected without a problem. Shooting cardboard backed, paper targets at about 20 feet the shot would leave a fist sized hole at the center of impact and disperse shot over about an 8 to 9 inch diameter. I was shooting this at a friend's range. He is an FFL and certified gunsmith. He was impressesd enough with the performance of this shell that he asked me to order him two boxes on my next order.
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Do not try to use these shells in the Taurus Judge. They were tight going into the gun, and had to be drove out with a dowel.
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Have not had a lot of time to test, and two of the four gun loads I shot did stick; the other two ejected fine. With no ten yard shot inside my home and the absolutely wicked spread with this stuff out of my judge if I cannot remedy the situation in 5 rounds I will grab one of my other weapons! I would have to grab something else to make a hostage shot anyway. But this definitely adequately turns anyones judge into a modern day "duckfoot"(an old school three barreled multi-target engaging pirate gun). Personally this is MY CLOSE RANGE ESPECIALLY INSIDE SELF-DEFENSE ROUND! If the price can stay where it is I do not think it gets much better! I do have to say a BIG thanks to the previous reviewer because I was prepared for the sticking rounds.
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