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Automatic Data Processing

If the ADP (Automatic Data Processing) Nonfarm Employment Change numbers go up then the USD will increase (reinforcement) as well. This is because when the number of jobs increases, the total working population will also increase. And People who work will receive a wage or salary.

DP Nonfarm Employment Change is a data released by the largest financial institutions in America that ADP (Automatic Data Processing), which measures the level of welfare of workers of various companies in the United States outside the agricultural sector. ADP released two days before the news Nonfarm Employment Change (NFP) is released, and NFP is one of the highly awaited economic data traders every month because so describe the condition of the American economy.

NFP data is always referring to the release of the ADP data, if the results are usually good ADP NFP result will be nice as well, and sebaliknya.Setelah ADP or Automatic Data Processing, Inc. announced the addition of the workforce in May in the private sector compared to the addition of the previous month, the US dollar since the beginning of the Asian session trading sentiment was hit by a consumption tax hike postponement Japan bounce back. Increased ADP data reported this evening to make another dollar rival langasung corrected except against the yen.

Started trading session this evening with US dollar fell to its lowest in two weeks against the yen by the skepticism of the market yakan plans Fed rate hike in the near future. The market began to doubt with some of the events that happened the last few days that show data and conditions that impede the fed rate hikes occur.

Observed this night only weakened the US dollar against the yen and the pound responded despite disappointing UK economic data releases. Against the yen, the dollar is still difficult to suppress the fundamental strength of the exchange rate after an official of the BOJ expressed its opposition would be a negative interest rate.

For the next movement, the US dollar forex trading today will experience a strong rally that began with a reversal of the direction of the index into positive territory. The strength of the data ADP employment change and unemployment claims data also reduced from previous projections will obviously support the increase in the fed rate.

The dollar index, which measures the strength of the US dollar against major currencies of six US trading session this evening rose to 0.07 percent after opening at 95.43 and rolling positions at the position 95.52. Previous trading the US dollar index has dropped by 0.5 percent.

Portland Community College

Ministry of Religious Affairs took the Agency for International Development
American (USAID) PRIORITY LPTK PTKIN discuss the reform plan. MORA mengudang the Dean of the Faculty of MT and Teaching UIN IAIN Indonesia.

This discussion lasted three days from Tuesday (06/21/2016) in Bogior, West Java.

Prof Dr Kamaruddin Amin, Director General of the Islamic Educational MORA, mentions three major reform plan LPTK PTKIN. First, prepare the grand desaign LPTK reforms which will begin in 2017.

Secondly, the entire faculty mypcc Faculty of MT will be trained to facilitate the course with a more emphasis on practice. Third, develop a lab partner madrasah LPTK PTKIN to be a good teaching practice for students.

These reforms to improve the quality of professional preparation of future teachers in LPTK PTKIN (College of Islamic Religious Affairs). "We will reform the process of preparation of prospective teachers in LPTK PTKIN. Looking ahead, graduates LPTK PTKIN expected more ready to be a teacher
professionals to improve the quality of teaching in madrasas and schools, "said Prof Dr Kamaruddin Amin, Director General of the Islamic Educational, MORA, on the sidelines
event with 38 Dean Tarbiyah UIN / IAIN in Indonesia, Wednesday (22/06/2016).

This discussion to obtain input in drafting reform plans LPTK grand desaign PTKIN in Bogor.

"All this still seems the gap between theory and content taught on campus with the practice in schools and madrasahs. As a result, the lecture and training on campus in addition to less relevant, also less interesting, challenging and supporting the improvement of the quality of learning, "he said again.

He continued, there is a presumption that applies in the community, if the quality of teachers decreased, so that blame is LPTK. It is justifiably a complaint for the campus as an organizer LPTK often not in the same breath with innovation in the field that emphasizes the practice.

According to the professor of the University Alaudin Makassar, the reform program LPTK College of Islamic Religious Affairs, will take the good practices that have been developed by USAID PRIORITY.

MORA is also preparing 100 madrassas model that will become partners in preparing prospective teachers LPTK professional. Hopefully, when students practice teaching in madrasas that have implemented good learning, so he has experience
good teaching. Thus, will also be a good teacher. Especially with a guide guided from the field supervisor and teacher tutors for students.

Lynne Hill, Teaching and Learning Adviser USAID PRIORITY, expressed his support for the reform plan LPTK PTKIN MORA. "We have trained facilitators from LPTKs partner, train and assist madrasah LPTK partners in learning and applying good management, and develop modules and lectures sources that use active learning approach."

"From this step, we hope to improve the quality of the course preparation of prospective teachers in LPTK PTKIN," he added when explained in the discussion.

Ajar Budi Kuncoro, University and Stakeholder Coordination PRIORITIES USAID Senior Manager, adds, since the year 2013 to the current partnership and 17 LPTK PRIORITIES USAID has run in eight provinces, including Aceh, North Sumatra, Banten,
West Java, Central Java, East Java, South Sulawesi and West Papua, including the 7 LPTK PTKIN.

Seventh LPTK PTKIN it, including Ar-Raniry Aceh UIN, IAIN North Sumatra, UIN Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin Banten, UIN Sunan Gunung Jati Bandung, Semarang Walisongo IAIN, Uian Sunan Ampel Surabaya, and Makassar Alaudin UIN.

There are 289 MI and MTS partners receive training and mentoring USAID PRIORITY, and over 4,000 madrasas disseminating training with budget funds and BOS.

"We have developed several programs to support quality improvement LPTK, among others, the integration LPTK with the school / madrasah, train lecturers LPTK in improving the quality of lectures on five principal subject (science, English, social studies, mathematics, and
Indonesian / Literacy) and school-based management, "he explained.

So, he added, presented in lectures relevant to the needs of learning and management in schools; improving the quality of teacher professional education programs (PPG) and practical field experience (PPL); as well as making classroom action research program between teachers and lecturers to improve the quality of learning in the classroom, "he said.

According to the Dean of the mypcc Faculty of MT and Teaching (FTK) IAIN Pontianak, Dr Lailial Muhlifah, which became one of the participants, the development lab madrasah or Islamic LPTK partners is needed to support the preparation of prospective teachers qualified by LPTK PTKIN.

"We can provide a good experience for student teachers, the practical teaching in madrasas or Islamic lab partner. We need to prepare it well, "he said.

Dean FTK UIN Walisongo, mention the importance of practical training field experience (PPL), which involves a field supervisor, teacher tutors, and the headmaster. So that the implementation of the PPL program for students can be optimized by mentoring
guided from professors and teachers tutor.