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For health care facilities that already exist

For health care facilities that already exist, hospital workers will be complementary and will be a reference center particularly for cases of accidents and occupational diseases. Expected in each region will stand the hospital industry workers so that nearly all workers have access to comprehensive health services. Once the need for hospital workers as a national referral center. Of course, it is also to be supported by the occupational medicine specialist who graduated more. Weaknesses and deficiencies in the establishment of the hospital workers can be corrected later and if there is a deviation from the main mission of the hospital establishment shall we critics together.

Workplace accidents is one of the many problems in the field of occupational safety and health that can lead to loss of life and material. One of the efforts in the protection of labor is organized P3K in the company in accordance with the Act and applicable government regulations. Implementation P3K to cope with accidents that occur in the workplace. P3K is meant to be managed by professional health workers.

Which became the basis for procurement P3K in the workplace is the Law 1 of 1970 concerning occupational safety; liability management in the provision P3K, Law No.13 of 2000 on employment, Regulation of Minister of Manpower and Transmigration No.03 / Men / 1982 on Occupational Health Services; main duties include P3K and Minister of Labor Regulation No. 05 / Men / 1995 on the Safety Management System and Occupational Health.

Occupational accidents and occupational

Occupational accidents uic and occupational diseases can be interrelated. Workers who suffer from health problems or occupational diseases tend to be more prone to accidents. Looking developed countries, health care workers have been very serious. They are well aware that the economic loss (lost benefits) of a company or country as a result of a workplace accident or occupational disease is very large and can be pressed with efforts in the field of occupational health and safety. In developed countries many experts on health and safety at work and a lot of books and studies relating to the health workforce has been published. In this era of globalization we have to follow the trend in developed countries. In terms of health care workers, we too must follow international standards that our industry can still compete in the global market. With a variety of reasons that hospital workers is very strategic. In terms of any kind will undoubtedly be beneficial for both the development of science, for workers, and for the interests of (economic) national and global competitiveness.

As a system of programs created

As a system of programs created for workers and employers, health and safety or K3 expected to be a preventive measure against the onset occupational accidents and diseases in the employment relationship work environment. K3 Implementation begins with the way identify things that could potentially cause an accident work and illness due to the employment relationship, and action anticipatory when this happens. The purpose of made This system is to reduce the cost of the company if occupational accidents and diseases arise as a result of the employment relationship.

The role of health professionals in dealing with victims of workplace accidents is to be implemented through secondary prevention through medical examinations of workers which includes the initial inspection, periodic inspection and special inspection. To prevent accidents and illness in the workplace can be done with counseling on health and safety.

After identifying a cigarette

After identifying a cigarette, there are some people who are curious and some are indifferent to the presence of cigarettes. People who are still curious curious enormous. It is the same if someone is curious about the cigarette, of course, they will figure out how to use it. According to Jeanne (1996: 153) usually people start smoking because other people smoke. It is in general will impact very quickly attacked the child - the child. Of course, they started smoking because of the people closest to imitate, that parents who smoke or siblings silent - silent smoke. In addition, due to environmental factors and friends - t eman around him who had smoked and used to smoking, the child begins to smoke. Generally, a son - a child do this because they think that the smoke will membua t they deemed were grown and brave. If someone has tried smoking cigarettes, usually long - long it will develop into a habit.              

Maybe you think if indeed the dangers of smoking have been known, why there are still people who smoke? If noted, almost all adult smokers have started the activity of smoking before they are mature enough to know what it's really about smoking and how danger to health. Now they were already accustomed to smoke and they find it hard to stop.

According to Jeanne Mandagi

According to Jeanne Mandagi, (1996: 152) nicotine in small amounts has a calming effect, but sometimes - sometimes get inflamed. It added by Sue Armstrong (1991: 7) that nicotine is a chemical that is colorless and is one of the most violent poisons we know. These two arguments provide an explanation of the effect of nicotine on the body and karakterisiknya. This of course depends on the number and physiological and psychological state of the person. In large amounts, nicotine is very dangerous, which is between 20 mg to 50 mg of nicotine can cause cessation of breathing.

Meghisap one cigarette ang bat means have menghis ap 2-3 mg of nicotine. If the smoke is not inhaled, nicotine inhaled only of 1 - 1.5 mg alone. For people - people who are not smokers or who do not usually smoke, the smoke 1-2 mg of nicotine alone is causing them dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting. They are sweating and pain in the stomach area.

Nicotine raises blood pressure and heart rate to speed up the heart of the work becomes more severe. Furthermore, nicotine also causes addiction. (Jeanne Mandagi, 1996: 152). As we know that nicotine has a calming effect.

Another view, Hans Tjandra. "Smoking and Health". 2003. http //: (December 19, 2009)) Nicotine interfere with the sympathetic nervous system due to increased myocardial oxygen demand. This material, in addition to increasing oxygen demand, also interfere with the supply of oxygen to the heart muscle (myocardium) to the detriment of myocardial work. Besides causing addiction of smoking, nicotine also stimulates the release of adrenaline, increased heart rate, blood pressure, cardiac oxygen demand, and cause heart rhythm disturbances. Therefore, the more cigarettes smoked, the great heart raced. Nicotine affect the jug a nerve, brain, and other body parts banya k. Nicotine activates platelets with the consequent emergence of platelet adhesion (clotting) to blood vessel walls.