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Renee Dryg

June 2011: Nutrition

 Why should I have a healthy diet? What should I eat?  How much should I eat? What is my healthiest weight?

Conduct online research to find out the answers to these important questions!

Identifies and applies the principles of good nutrition to daily diet and food choices.

Nutrition Part 1: "Nutrition is" and "food fact sheet" worksheets

For food group and health info start here>

For how much to eat and what to eat...

look here>

or here>

When you have chosen three foods from each group that you like, or are willing to eat, go back to the vitamins and minerals section to see what each food gives you and record it on your food fact sheet.

Nutrition part 2: Your food wheel

Use the information that you found in the previous activity to fill in the corners of the chart. In the wheel draw and paint your daily "Bakers dozen"(13 items) plus healthy snacks.

* If you need more information try the links I’ve collected here for you:
Health class Diigo links for keyword “nutrition”

About Carbs and sugar:

Comlplex carbs:

Simple carbs:


May/June 2011: Environmental Health Public Service Announcement

6/17/11 Finished Projects!

               7th Grade               8th Grade

 6/14/11 Continue working to finish your video. However if you are finished, you may go back to your journal and check to make sure that you have no NY's. On the cover of your journal draw something to represent your chosen topic and the contents of your journal so far.

Next topic: Nutrition! (see above)

Rubric: Environmental Health

6/1/11 Movie maker and iMovie:
What are the skills of movie creation and editing?

Do Now:

  • go to creative and download 3 pictures
  • Save to new folder with your name on it


Steps to movie production

  • Opening software
  • Starting new project
  • Importing photos/video clips
  • ordering visuals on the timeline
  • Adding titles, subtitles and credits
  • Creating transitions, adding effects
  • Adding soundtrack( copyright free music only!)

Journal Entry #5: 3-5-3 Now that you have chosen your topic, the minimum requirement for your PSA is to include 3 details that describe the environmental health issue, 5 reasons why this is a threat to human/animal/plant health, and 3 ways that humans can change behavior to make the situation better.

Next: Make a shooting script

Make two columns on each page and label them with the column headings “Video” and “Audio”. Under video draw a quick sketch of what will be happening on camera visually, or write a detailed desciption. Under audio write what will be said at the same time, who will be saying it. You may use word/google docs to do this also and paste it into your journals. See brief sample HERE, see detailed information and sample HERE.


Essential Questions: How does the environment effect my health? What can I do to make and keep the environment healthy for humans?


1. Student formulates opinions and investigative questions about current and potential environmental health hazards.

2. Student records investigative and selection process in health booklet/journal.Student identifies and clearly describes current and potential environmental health hazards. 

3. Student develops and educates others in strategies for staying and improving health and safety in her environment.
4. Environmental health hazard factors are clearly described.

5. Student used multi-media technology to create a persuasive and convincing Public Service Announcement about an environmental health topic, as a result of investigation.

6. Unit work habits :
Student research is progressing and documented, she is on task, respectful, and cooperative with all members of the learning community.

Rubric: Environmental Health


Journal Entry #4: Organizational table 

Create a graphic organizer to record your research with 4 columns, use a 2 page spread

Topic           Describe the problem          Why is this unhealthy    What can be done to improve the problem

Note: each cell will contain a brief description. After you choose your topic you will record more details, in a "3-5-3" format. When you finish the table ask me about "3-5-3". (It will be posted as the next journal entry.)

Journal Entry #3: Possible topics for PSA video

To choose the topic for your Public Service Announcement on environmental health, search the web for ideas. Start in one of these places:

Find and list three topics that interest you. Put each topic in the form of a question that you will look for and provide answers to. Give reasons why you you think that each question/topic is important.

Don't forget to use to keep track of your research articles and to highlight important ideas that you will talk about. Again, here's the  TYWLS health class diigo to help you too.

Example topic inquiries:

  1. What were and are the health and environmental impacts of the BP Gulf Oil Spill last year, April-July 2010?
  2. What are the health and environmental impacts of the Tsunami and earthquake in Japan, March  2011?
  3. What happens when drinking water is polluted or contaminated?
  4. What happens when there is a Radioactive meltdown?
  5. What is indoor air pollution, where does it come from, how does it affect us?
  6. What does GMO mean for our food supply, and what can we do about it?
  7. Where does all the trash really go?
  8. What is an Electromagnetic field, and why is it harmful?
  9. How does climate change affect my health?
  10. What is Ultraviolet radiation, where does it come from, why is it bad for us?
  11. What is Green living?
  12. Where does drinking water come from and why we need to keep it clean?
  13. How does the air gets dirty and how can you protect yourself from it?
  14. What chemicals are in your home and in the products that you use?
  15. How sun tans work and why they can hurt you
  16. What is noise pollution and how can it hurt you?

Journal Entry #2: Reflections on the rights of Mother Earth

Answer these questions in your second journal entry

  1. What do we as human beings absolutely need the Earth to give us in order for us to survive?
  2. What are secondary needs, things that we like or that make us comfortable in our existence here on Earth?
  3. What are the impacts of climate change on the farm lands and farmers in Bolivia?
  4. What does the Bolivian Ambassador explain are the members of the 'big family" on Earth?
  5. What is President Evo Morales of Bolivia saying about big, rich countries like the United States?
  6. What or who is the Pachamama?
  7. What is environmental health? (in your own words)
  8. What 11 rights does the Law of Mother Earth guarantee?
  9. What do you think about Bolivia's bold move?

Suggested information sources:

Huffington Post News Video

The Daily Conversation, youtube news show

Bolivian President Evo Morales' speech in Copenhagen

The Raw Story, e-news site

The World Health Organization website

Environmental Health Journal

You have created a journal for this unit before watching a segment from the movie "The 11th Hour".  This journal will be used as evidence of your understandings during this unit. Do not decorate the cover , leave it blank for now.

Entry 1: Reflections on "The 11th Hour"

Week of April 11: Your body systems

First: Body smarts
Take the three quizzes on this page:

How did you do?

Second:Body system worksheet
Visit this page for a cool tool on the website to record information about your inside body:

non-flash version:


Unit 1:Research and report

Puberty: The middle school girl body
Expert groups present online research.

Essential Question: How does puberty affect you physically and socially?

Outcome: Demonstrates familiarity with the common changes that occur in this phase of their development.
Explores and identifies common female health conditions through personal and social perspectives. : Puberty.

Outcome: Participated with group to create graphic display poster providing viewers with important  and appropriate health vocabulary and details on assigned puberty topic.

Outcome: Participated fully in group project making positive contributions.(work habits)

Rubric: click HERE

Due Date: April 1st


Essential Question: How does puberty affect you physically and socially?

Expert Groups: Each group will research an assigned topic and present a lesson for the class.
Assign roles to group members such as:

  • information finder/researcher(s)
  • vocabulary recorder/enricher(s)
  • fact recorder(s)
  • poster designer/illustrator(s)
  • other? 

Complete THIS sheet(one per group) and share with Renee, at

Using laptops and the websites below, research your topic so that you can verbally present your knowledge to the class. You must have a poster to accompany your presentation which you will give to Renee. You may use an online presentation tool to teach your lesson.

Start with a plan, brainstorm. Develop an outline/flow chart of what you will say and show, create rough draft of poster. Refine and edit to create your final presentation and design.

Your lesson must last 5 minutes at least.

Start here:

Lots of related links here:

tywls-health Diigo links

Presentation tools online:

google presentation

-or- powerpoint

Introduction and contact info

Welcome! Let's have some fun with health.

Topics that we will cover include:

  • Puberty: The middle school girls body
  • Out of sight NOT out of mind: internal Body systems
  • Hygiene
  • Eating and Food!  and a little Nutrition...
  • Hazardous substances
  • Healthy mind and emotions
  • Environmental health

Class norms:

  • one voice at a time
  • keep your hands to yourself
  • TYWLS rights and responsibilities
  • no eating or chewing gum
  • drink only water

My email: