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10th Grade Art: Digital Photography, Drawing, Painting ← Back to All Pages

Renee Dryg

5/15/2011 Painting Unit: Rubric #5

Rubric#5: This rubric shows criteria for 3 painting assignments:

  • Painting #1, Hues, tints, and shades
  • Painting #2, Color wheel - or - hot and cold composition
  • Painting #3, Art show painting. interpreting a theme


3/15/2011 Drawing Unit: Rubric #4

This rubric shows critera and asseses:

  • Name design project
  • Brush and Ink drawings

3/3/2011 Drawing Unit: Rubric #3

Click here to see Rubric#3

This rubric assess the work that we have been doing with the elements and principles of art and design using pencil and charcoal drawing techniques. It also assess the collage project and artist statement.

12/7/10 End of marking period 2, rubric #2

Always check on for assignment details.

Always take at least 20 pictures a week and add your 6 favorites to your flickr account.

12/7/10 End of marking period 2, rubric #2

11/16/10 Homework#4: 26 things

11/9/10 in class Assignment#3: Shrinky-dink me

10/28/10  Youthvoices photo blog, 2 tasks:

  1. enter URL/link information for your photostream to your youthvoices profile
  2. post your "warhol me" photo to YV blogand group:
    • save your "Warhol me" photo as a .jpg(as opposed to .psd file format)
    • upload to flickr
    • post to YV with artist statement; why did you choose this photo, what did you do to it, how did it change the image?

10/26/10 our First rubric

First rubric:

HW2: post a self-portrait to youthvoices in our class group

  1. go to
    note: if you have not joined yet, join. once you have joined I will unblock you and add you to our class group. When you join your username is your first name and last initial or first 2-3 letters of your last name if necessary. Your password should be your 9 digit student number.
  2. login
  3. from "useful places" box on the left,choose "my groups" from the dropdown menu and click "go"
  4. from the list that appears choose "TYWLS of Astoria Photography 2010"
  5. on this page, scroll down until you see our group on the left(under your name box where you logout etc.)
  6. from the "add content" box choose " image  from the dropdown menu and click "go"
  7. enter a title, like "Renee's first self portrait", in gallery choose "portrait
  8. enter 5 or more keywords
  9. choose "browse" and find your image on the computer, (probably under "media"> "photos")-(not sure where in windows PC)
  10. click "upload"
  11. in the description box write a paragraph or more about the photo, and why you chose to use it,t, what you think it says about you, etc.
  12. finally, click "submit" and your post should appear in our group space.

in Class Assignments #2 & 3

10/21/10 In class assignment  #3; Warhol me, with photoshop

follow this link for details:


in Class Assignment 2: Setting up iphoto and intro to photoshop express

You will need your USB cable to transfer photos from the camera to the computer.

iPhoto is the apple software program for organizing and storing pictures. Other computer should have a similar application.

Photoshop is an image editing software program. We will use it to make artistic statements and compostions from our own original photos.

HW 1: Self portraits, candid vs. staged

Self-Portraits: take at least 20 pictures of yourself. Most should have a candid feel and show different sides of who you are. For example, your feelings, thoughts, and interests.

How can a photo speak for you?

Some examples from history....

Dorothea Lange, candid photos

The candid photo captures the moment without the subject being aware they are being photographed. The subject should never be looking at the camera lens. In order to shoot candid photos, you should always have your camera with you. People should be used to seeing you with your camera so they are less camera shy or worse, camera hams. Let people forget you are there before you start shooting by quietly observing people's activities and interactions.

Cindy Sherman, staged photos

The staged photo is set up by the photographer or subject to acheive a specific result, viewer reaction, or perhaps to tell a story.

in Class Assignment 1: How can cropping change the message of a photo?

Assignment 1:
Part 1:

Take at least 20 pictures outside of school but on the immediate block of our school. Look for an image that interests you while providing insight about what your life is like everyday as you enter and leave the school building.

Part 2:
How can cropping change the message of a photo?

The Camera Never Lies, but the Software Can

Choose one photo and crop it. First, duplicate the photo that you chose, then you can apply cropping to the copy. Using the edit option in iphoto or picture editor, crop th ephoto to change the meaning and focal point of the composition. Increase the visual interest and alter the emphasis of the picture to make your point.

Post both the pre and post cropped version on youthvoices and explain what you did and why you did it.

Make your post an image post or discussion post in our group space.


  1.  Open this link in a new tab:
  2. read along
  3. Print page 2, sign and get signed, and return to Renee on Thursday
  4. Use your TYWLS email account to join and our photo class group
  5. look at the digital photography group in the space
  6. comment on a photograph there, complete for HW if necessary