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Be a Bucket Filler!



4 Rules of Jefferson School

1. Be Responsible

2. Be Respectful

3.  Be A Good Friend

4. Be Ready to Learn


 Throughout the day, students will be reminded of these rules and positive reinforcement will be used to encourage students to follow rules. 

Terrific tickets may be earned, which can be saved up and cashed in for things like extra pe, extra computer time, sit at the teacher's desk, sit by a friend at lunch, etc.


WBR ( without being reminded) tickets can also be earned when a student chooses to follow rules and procedures without having to be reminded. These tickets will go into a weekly drawing for a chance to go to the prize box. The more tickets you have in the drawing, the better your chances of winning!


Bucket Filler tickets can also be earned and cashed in for extra rewards.


If a child repeatedly has trouble following rules, I will be talking to you to set up a reward chart of some type to encourage a change in behavior. Positive rewards will be used but if behavior is not improving, a child may miss out on some playtime or recess time to talk to me to come up with a plan for improved behavior.