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What happened to Mrs. Beasly?

          In a prairie out into the dusty land of Arizona, lived a family called the Beasly. The Beasly had only been there for four years. Then, Mrs. Beasly got pregnant with her first child. The child was born on the kitchen floor on a hot April morning. They called her reddish; because of her red hair. She had long legs, very skinny. Reddish loved watching her mother play the piano, when she know her mother was dissappointed about something. The Beasly didn't have much money to repair the holes in the wooden house, that allowed dust in on hot, windy days, and rain in on rainy days, cool days. One day Mrs. Beasly found out that she was pregnant, once again which made it harder for the Beasly family. One cold Sunday morning, Mrs. Beasly brought some kerosene in for that night. He sat it by the stove, then Mrs. Beasly came in with her big, roung belly ready to start the day off with a hot meal. She put some wood in the stove to heat the stove up for the food to be cooken. She happens to knock the broom over on top of the bucket making the bucket of kerosene spill all over the stove and kitchen floor. Then, suddenly everything caught of fire, including Mrs. Beasly . Reddish heard the screams of her helpless mother and quickly ran to the kitchen door and saw her mother lying there. She rushed her mother's side and tried putting her flames out, caring less about herself and how badly, she was getting burned. Mr. Beasly came in put buckets of water pouring them onto Mrs. Beasly's body and Reddish sat there and watch her mother fade away like pencil on paper. Mrs. Beasly did not die until 6 months later giving birth to her first baby boy.