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Helpful History Web Resources

For Current Events and News

Primary Source Documents  - Modern History Source Book - Public domain copies of historical texts and
primary sources organized according to various historical eras, regions, and

Country Profiles

General Research  - BBC History - provides backgournd and features on major historical events. 
This site includes scholarly essays as well as interactive features that put
YOU in the middle of history! mapmachine/ index.html  - National Geographic Map Machine - Looking for geographic facts about a
specific country, region, continent, or city? National Geographic's
MapMachine provides a wealth of detailed animated maps. View maps according
to physical attributes, such as mineral resources, vegetation, recent and
historic earthquakes, natural landscapes, and much more. Other categories
include Street Maps, Historic Maps, Atlas Maps, Flags and Facts, and
World Themes. history/

 - PBS History - PBS has a collection of Web sites that are designed as
companions to its past and present TV documentaries and programs. Choose from
sites listed under the following categories: Ancient World, Biographies,
United States, War and Espionage, and World History. Each category features
Web sites that focus on an array of topics and offer interactive time lines,
maps, photos, essays, interviews, virtual tours, activities, quizzes, and
more.  - Spartacus Schoolnet - Spartacus is a British educational site which includes
a compendium of materials focusing on the various historical eras in Western
Civilization.  The sites often include pictures, a concise summary of the
event, and primary source materials.  - National Geographic Magazine Online