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About Our Vocabulary Tests

A vocabulary test will be given every Monday. The test will consist of the five new words and the five old words from the previous vocabulary test. Even though students only receive five new words every week, they will be tested on ten words. Therefore, the students will actually be tested twice on the same words. This is done to improve retention and to give the students ample time to truly increase their vocabularies.

Vocabulary Lists Online

If you have lost your all-important vocab. list, you may download a copy of the exact list here and then print it out. Viola! You now have another copy of the vocab. list!

9th Grade First Semester Vocab. List (PDF)

9th Grade Second Semester Vocab. List (PDF)

10th Grade First Semester Vocab. List (PDF)

10th Grade Second Semester Vocab. List (PDF)

Literary Terms Lists

Print another copy of our literary terms lists by clicking the links below.

9th Grade Lit. Terms List (PDF)

10th Grade Lit. Terms List (PDF)

Character Qualities List

Looking for fifty-one qualities to describe an elected official or the perfect parent? Look no further! The bright green qualities list you received in class is now available online in a PDF format. This sheet comes in handy if you are preparing for the state writing test or if you are just looking to upgrade your vocabulary.

Character Qualities List (PDF)

Be More Descriptive

Tired of the same old boring words you hear day in and day out? Me, too! Try these words instead.

Be More Descriptive (PDF)

Revising and Editing Checklist

You've planned and drafted your informative essay. Now what? Use this revising and editing checklist to polish your paper before publishing (alliteration intended).

Revising and Editing Checklist (PDF)

Need Some Bonus Points? Who Doesn't!

Pirate Points are earned throughout each nine weeks grading period by becoming involved in the school community and attending cultural events. You can even get pirate points for taking the ACT! Points sheets are due the week before the end of the nine weeks. Be sure to attach proof of attendance or participation.

Pirate Points Sheet (PDF)