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General Homework Help

High School Ace

How to Study - Your Learning Style

Pink Monkey

Study Guides and Strategies

Secrets of Straight-A Students

Create a Web

Printing Press - create a newspaper, brochure, flyer, etc.

Literature & Language Arts Resources

English Zone

American Authors

Academy of American Poets

Perspectives in American Literature

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature


All Shakespeare

Shakespeare Net

Shakespearean Homework Helper

Study Guides

Spark Notes

Classic Notes

Awerty Notes

Nutshell Book Summaries

Interactive Learning Network

Literature Online

Internet Public Library

Litrix Reading Room

Project Gutenberg

Great Books Online

The Literature Network

Writing Guides

Assignment Calculator

Dartmouth Writing Program

Dr. Grammar

The Five Paragraph Essay Wizard

Paragraph Punch

Essay Punch

Business Letter Punch

ABC's of the Writing Process

Persuasive Essay Map

Letter Generator

Reference Materials


Merriam-Webster Online

Online Dictionary

Encarta Encyclopedia


Library Spot



The New York Times

The Washington Post

USA Today

Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

Online US Newspaper Directory

Fun Ones

Analogy Games

Analogy Quiz

Preposition Crossword Puzzle

Pronoun Crossword Puzzle

Bart Simpson's Board - what do you want on Bart's board?

Fun Trivia Games

Penguin Panic - freeze the penguins!

Milk the Cow - difficult game, but cute cows

Chicken Wings - save the little chicks by throwing them umbrellas

Play Putt Putt Golf