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Wedding & Honeymoon


The kiss

Me and my bridesmaids before the ceremony (yes, that's Ms. Dunn on the left)

We went horseback riding through a tropical rainforest on our honeymoon in St. Croix!

We're on our way to snorkel around Buck Island off the coast of Saint Croix! It was AMAZING!

This is Turtle Beach on Buck Island. It's the best beach we went to; the water was so clear!

Our view from the patio of our condo. We ate breakfast outside every morning; it was very relaxing.

End of the Year

6th period's toga party!

Luke gets attacked with a pie, but he doesn't seem to mind.

Saying goodbye to students was really hard to do (especially Nathan)

Romeo & Juliet Trial

Our courtroom.

Candace, Alex, Michael, and Seth

Charley, Doug, and Jake

Chaney and Matt dressed to impress the jury!

Tosha and her baby get ready to take the stand. Afterall, the nurse had to find a new kid to take care of after Capulet fired her.

Max, Jake, and Doug

Seth was found guilty for the death of Juliet. Looks like he's taking it pretty well.

Candace and Miranda

First period kids

First period gets goofy for the camera!

Second period witnesses waiting to be called to the stand.

Tena, as the nurse, with her baby.

Second period attorneys and Friar Lawrence

Laken, Hayli, and Candice

Zac was found guilty for the deaths of both Romeo and Juliet. Hayli really trapped him on the stand!

Second period classs picture.

Second period goes wild!

Thomas, Dillon, and Josh for the prosecution.

Matt, Shea, Bronson, and Bubba for the defense.

Third period jury members watch the action.

Justin swears in Dustin, our apothecary; chaos ensues.

Third period kids

And they go crazy for the camera!

Oh, No They Didn't!

Justin, Josh, Cole, Bronson, Luke, and Dillon go blonde for the baseball playoffs!

Workin' Hard and Hardly Workin'

Check out the cannons on Joel!

Ashlee McKinney wins the 10th grade spirit stick for being so excited about the state writing test!

Parents, don't get upset. This is, unfortunately, a common occurence in our room. Edgar Allan Poe was a troubled soul. Certain students like to put Poe out of his misery once or twice a week.

Little Poe suffers the same fate.

Different Poe location, same Poe result.

Nick Leatherwood was kind enough to make Little Poe a final resting place. However, Captain Jack recently saw his own untimely demise, and his head is put to rest with his little friend.

Poe's pretty bruised up.

Ashlee, Lasinda, Katie, and Anna

Cherrie Ewing is happy to be in English!

Seventh period rocks!

Preston has a new best friend.

Pronoun cases are the rage in fashion these days.

Friends Forever

Lashayla found some friends that don't talk back.

Anna and Lasinda, two peas in a pod.

Storytime in English

Miranda and Candace

First period boys are ready to read.

Did Michael raid Tanner's closet?

Sixth period works hard.

Drew, Ashlee, and Savanah

Tori and Joel

Vocab clues for sophomores