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Class Discipline Plan

 Classroom Rules
  1. Be respectful to everyone

  2. Be responsible for class materials

  3. Follow all class procedures

  4. No food, drink, or gum in class


If you choose to break a rule:

1st time:  Verbal Warning
2nd time: Break Detention
3rd time: Office Visit


Although I believe the best reward a student can receive is the satisfaction of a job well done,
there are some incentives offered in this class to reward good work and behavior.

If you choose to follow the rules:

Daily: Praise and encouragement
Special Occasion: Positive phone call home

Other rewards:

Turning in every homework assignment on time for one month: free homework pass
Earning a perfect score on a unit test: free homework pass

Materials Needed

1 1/2 inch binder for this class only

6 dividers labeled in the following order:
     1. Rules and Procedures
     2. Bell Work
     3. Vocabulary
     4. Grammar
     5. Composition
     6. Literature   

loose-leaf paper

pencils and pens

Tardy Policy

If you are not in your seat and working on the daily bell work when the tardy bell rings, then you are tardy. Even if you are in the room at the pencil sharpener or by the trash can, you will still be counted as tardy if you are not sitting down in your assigned seat AND WORKING. We work from bell to bell in this class, and it is imperative that you be sitting in your seat AND WORKING when the tardy bell rings. I am very strict about this and I do not make exceptions. I need every minute of class time to fill your heads with all the wonderful knowledge of English that will fit into it.

Class Procedures

Procedures are a part of life. We follow procedures for using a telephone book, boarding an airplane, approaching a traffic light, and attending a wedding. The reason we have procedures in life is so that people can function in society knowing the acceptable and efficient ways other people do things. There are also procedures in our classroom. Procedures make our class comfortable and secure, because everyone knows exactly what is going to happen in our classroom. Procedures are designed to help you succeed, and I know that everyone can be successful in this class!

  1. Entering the room

    1. Please enter quietly.

    2. Sit in your assigned seat by the time the bell rings to begin class (not after).

    3. Take out your materials.

    4. Check the board for any special instructions (put homework in class box, get portfolios, etc.).

    5. Begin bell work assignment.

  1. When you are tardy

    1. Please enter quietly.

    2. Excused: place note in basket on my desk.

    3. Unexcused: sign tardy sheet.

    4. Sit in your assigned seat, take out materials, and begin bell work assignment.

  1. Getting your attention


You will:

    1. Freeze.

    2. Face me and pay attention.

    3. Be ready for instruction; I will have something to say.

  1. Paper heading and ending

    1. Correct headings must be on all papers.

    2. Write your first and last name in the top right hand corner of your paper (on the first line).

    3. Write your period number under your name.

    4. Write the date under the period number (ex. 9/13/05).

    5. Write your personal ID number (given to you by the teacher).

    6. Write the assignment under your ID number.

    7. Example:

George Washington
Period 1
Pg. 10, 1-20

    1. Every assignment must have the class motto written on the bottom of the last page or it will be incomplete.

    2. Our class motto: "Responsibility is doing a job as best you can, whether you feel like doing it or not."

  1. After an excused absence

    1. Put your blue slip in the basket on my desk as soon as you enter the room.

    2. Then go to the make-up work folder and get the sheet for the missed day.

    3. Return to your assigned seat and begin bell work.


    5. Refer to the class make-up work policy for more information.

  1. After an unexcused absence

    1. Put your blue slip on my desk as soon as you enter the room.

    2. Return to your assigned seat and begin bell work.

    3. No make-up work will be accepted for unexcused absences.

  1. Early dismissal

    1. Put your early dismissal slip in the basket on my desk as soon as you enter the room.

    2. Return to your assigned seat and begin bell work.

    3. When it is time for you to leave, pack up quietly and exit the room.

    4. You will be responsible for the next day's assignment unless told otherwise by the teacher.

  1. Turning in papers and homework

    1. Place your papers on the DESK to your LEFT.

    2. Put your paper on top and continue passing the stack to your left.

    3. If you are in the last desk of your row, please put the stack on the top outside corner of your desk to be collected.

  1. If you do not have your paper or homework

    1. Pick up a Student Responsibility form as you enter the room.

    2. Complete the form after you have completed the bell work.

    3. Sign and date it.

    4. Turn it in with the homework papers (you will always turn something in, either your assignment or a Student Responsibility form).

  1. When you need to ask a question

    1. Think of exactly what you will ask.

    2. Raise your hand quietly.

    3. Wait until you are recognized by the teacher to ask your question.

    4. Please speak loud enough for everyone to hear your question.

  1. When you do not understand something

    1. Think of exactly what you do not understand before asking your question.

    2. Follow the procedure for asking a question.

  1. If you need to sharpen your pencil

    1. Check all your materials as soon as you sit down.

    2. Sharpen your pencil before the tardy bell rings (you must be in your seat working when the bell rings).

    3. If your pencil breaks, look to see if the pencil sharpener is already being used by someone.

    4. If it is not, raise your hand quietly and wait for me to recognize you.

    5. If it is already in use, wait until it is free before raising your hand.

    6. If permission is given, use the pencil sharpener quickly and without talking to anyone.

    7. Never get out of your assigned seat without permission from the teacher.

  1. When you need a pencil or paper

    1. Check all your materials as soon as you sit down (pencil and paper should always be brought to class – see Class Rule #2).

    2. If you need a pencil, quietly ask a neighbor.

    3. If you still need a pencil, raise your hand and wait for me to recognize you. I ask for collateral when people borrow my materials, so be prepared to give me your watch, wallet, or shoe until the material is returned.

  1. When you do not bring your books, folder, or Grammar Guide to class

    1. Each student is given two hall passes each semester and he/she may use them to go to their locker or the restroom. To use your hall pass to get your books, folder, or interactive notebook, please raise your hand, wait to be recognized, then ask permission. Turn in your hall pass to the teacher before you exit the classroom and pick up the classroom hall pass to take with you.

    2. Do not ask to go get materials without using one of your hall passes (even if your locker is just down the hall), it is your responsibility to bring all materials to class everyday (see Class Rule #2).

    3. Raise your hand, wait to be recognized, then ask for permission to get a Student Responsibility form.

    4. Fill out the Student Responsibility form and put it in the basket on my desk when class is dismissed.

  1. When you need to use the restroom

    1. Each student is given two hall passes each semester and he/she may use them to go to the restroom during class.

    2. To use your hall pass, raise your hand, wait to be recognize, then ask for permission to use your pass to go to the restroom. Turn in your hall pass to the teacher before you exit the room and pick up the classroom hall pass to take with you.

    3. You are only allowed to be out of the classroom for a maximum of five minutes. If you exceed the time limit you will be counted as tardy for the day. The restrooms are very close to our classroom and five minutes is a generous amount of time.

  1. Keeping your writing portfolio and Grammar Guide

    1. Writing portfolios must be kept inside the classroom. Journal entries and finished papers will be kept in your portfolio.

    2. Grammar Guides must be brought to class upon prior notification by the teacher.

    3. Everyday you will need to bring your English folder, books, and a pencil/pen.

  1. When we have class discussions

    1. There will be a participation grade every 9 weeks, so participating in class discussions will benefit your grade.

    2. I want to hear what you have say.

    3. Make all questions and comments relevant to our current discussion.

    4. If your question is off the topic, write it down and ask it later.

  1. Working cooperatively in a team

    1. You will have an assigned job in the team.

    2. If you have a question, do not raise your hand. Ask a fellow team member first.

    3. If you are asked for help, you must give it.

    4. If everyone in the team is lost, identify the problem and come up with one common question that everyone in the team agrees upon.

    5. One team member may then raise a hand and wait for the teacher's help.

  1. When you finish your work early

    1. Work on unfinished English assignments.

    2. Begin your English homework if possible.

    3. Work in your literature notebook, writing portfolio, or read a book.

  1. Class dismissal

    1. The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell.

    2. Do not start packing up until class has been dismissed.

    3. Wait until the teacher finishes and officially dismisses you with: "Class dismissed."

  1. When there is a substitute teacher

    1. Follow all of our procedures correctly. The routine for the day will not change; after quietly entering the classroom you will immediately begin working on the bell work and wait for further instructions from the substitute teacher.

    2. The substitute teacher has a copy of our procedures and we both expect you to follow them.

  1. Special procedures

    1. These will be introduced on an "as needed" basis.

    2. These procedures include library visits, video presentations, progress reports, special guests, assemblies, and emergency drills.